• How to populate GL Journal Entry - CUSTVEND column

    Hi all,

    On the GL Journal Entry screen, entry number finder, there are Customer / Vendor Number and Customer / Vendor Name column, which is related to GLJEH table, CUSTVEND column. I check on it and found that there is no value in this column.

    I would…

  • AP Credit Note- Multiple Entries for GL account AP Trade

    Using Sage300 2020 - SAMINC a credit note was created for vendor 1350. The related GL journals seems a bit strange to me.

    See attachment.

    There are 5entries for the payables account, Why?


  • Bank entry rate different when posted to GL

    Using Sage300 2021 web screen 

    When a bank entry is done with a unique rate the related GL entry is showing a different rate per line ... some entries differ by cents while some are higher (dollar)

    What is causing this ?

  • Current year

    Would you be able to tell me if I can close a current period in Sage, can I re-open a previous period 

    to make an adjustment that belong to that period? example: re-opening a specific month and posting a GL entry.