• What is required to get OE Invoices to show in AR Receipt batch

    I'm trying to mark that payment was received for one of today's OE Invoices

    I've run I/C Periodic processing > Day End Processing, but the invoice does not yet show in A/R Receipt Batch Entry when looking up the customer.

    Is there an additional…

  • Deleting a billing

    I having a billing sitting in accounts receivable with a pending post status because the invoice date is 03.29.2030.  How do I delete this billing?

  • Sage 300 2023 Web screen AR unable to create entries

    When choosing AR Batch or AR Entry via web screens, the page loads but the detail and optional grid spin incessantly, making it impossible to enter any data.

    IMPORTANT:  log in as admin, we are able to enter data. 

    See screenshot.

  • Price check failed when processing an OE

    I have setup price Check with Price Check approval.

    However, when processing the O/E . Whether the price is below the percentage threshold or not . l get the below errror message:

    "Description: The price check failed because currently the unit cost specified…

  • AR integration to GL not bringing across functional values


    Just wondering if there is a known issue with the posting of AR invoice batches to the GL when multicurrency is in use. All of a sudden, starting Mid Feb 2023, the functional values are not posting to income accounts and all income is going to the…

  • Sage 300 webapi OEOrders update the entry

    I have been able to successfully create a POST for the order entry. Now I want to update the shipping information and invoice it.

    But according to the sage documentation we cannot use PUT or PATCH for OE.


  • Batch Date and Posting Date


    We recorded a sales invoice selecting batch date 01st March 2023 and posting and document date 31st December 2022. however, we identified that the value of the sales Invoice did not go to the Accounts Receivable Ledger in GL as at 31st December 2022…

  • Purchase Requisition


    Is there a simple way for a user to see the PO associated with a Purchase Requisition? Example, he entered a PR and wants to see the PO.



  • PO receipt location


    When we enter a PO in the system, we don't know where we are going to receive the order so we put in a general location. When the order is ready to be received the po location is what comes into the po receipt. 

    Is they any way to change the location…

  • Vendor Number Changes Crashes

    I'm having an issue where Vendor Number Change crashes immediately after the post is clicked with the following windows application event error. Anyone else have this issue?

    Faulting application name: SPWIN.EXE, version:, time stamp: 0x6…

  • How to populate GL Journal Entry - CUSTVEND column

    Hi all,

    On the GL Journal Entry screen, entry number finder, there are Customer / Vendor Number and Customer / Vendor Name column, which is related to GLJEH table, CUSTVEND column. I check on it and found that there is no value in this column.

    I would…

  • Can I see who locked the batch and admin release the lock ?

    More than once in recent history I have a user reporting they cannot post a batch because it is locked by "another user"


    Description: Batch ##### is currently locked by another user. You will not be able to set it's status to Ready to…

  • Sage 300 Bank Transfer Issue

    I have an issue that just started. I regularly use the Bank Transfer Function for when transferring funds between accounts. Usually a seamless process, you complete the transfer and then clear the transaction inside the Bank reconciliation under corresponding…

  • Miscellaneous charges detail not populating in OE Credit note screen

    When a user tried to create a OE CN against an invoice that only consist of a miscellaneous charge, it doesn't populate the item details, however, header informations populate.

    I have tried to restore defaults for both the OE CN icon and detail lines…

  • WEB API formats


    Hope everyone is well. I have come across some webapi requirements where my client wants to 

    To use to upload/crate a batch, invoice, and retrieve error message or document number. This process should preferably be possible to automate and preferably…

  • Supplier profirna invoice

    Our customer is looking to record proforma suppliers invoice and allocate payments to it. Has anyone got a system to do this. 

    I did suggest creating a po and allocate payments to supplier but he says there is no record on supplier of what proforma the…

  • ACCPACCOMAPI Order Prepayment not working


    I'm trying to automate order ->prepayment->shipment->invoice with COMAPI.

    I did what I usually do by recording a macro and see the code.

    I'm able to create the shipment and the invoice but I cant see the prepayment in ARBTA.

    Sub MainSub…

  • Direct Deposit set up

    Setting up Direct Deposit in Sage 300 ERP -  with BMO in Canada.  The bank said we are missing our short name and long name in the file we are uploading to them, so it was rejected.  Does anyone know where to enter this information in Sage 300 ? Thanks.

  • G/L Journal Entry Error - Please Help

    Has anyone experienced this error before when processing G/L Journal Entry? 

    Not sure where to even begin but processing a few transactions / posting banking transactions and then doing G/L Journal Entry and we get this error. We are running Sage 300 2022…

  • Sage Web API - ARInvoiceBatches (How to assigned the current Batch Number without create a new Batch?)

    Hi all,

    I try to assigned the current open batch(E.g: 75), that I manually created in Sage, when I called web API ARInvoiceBatches with BatchNumber=75, it still will create an entry inside new batch (E.g: 80) instead of my current open batch (E.g: 75…

  • Ship more than Order Qty

    Are there any way to ship more than ordered quantity?

    Is there any way to customize or 3rd party solution to take care of this?

  • Sage 300 GL batch posting freezes

    Sage 300 Premium (Version 2022)

    SQL 2019 on Windows Server 2019

    GL batch posting freezes during month end closing periods and Sage 300 becomes inaccessible for anyone who wants to further login. Other logged in users won't be able to post from GL batch…

  • Posting batches in Web Client hangs or gets stuck

    I am unable to post batches from the Web screens of Sage 300 2022.  The batches I am attempting to post are small one or 2 entries.  I have tried both GL and AP.  When I attempt to post them in the web client they just appear hung indicating it is processing…

  • Cannot Copy Paste on SAGE 300 Web 2022

    Is it expected for SAGE 300 Web 2022 PU 2 cannot copy paste value / amount to the opened screen?

  • Reverse AP payment batch

    Is there any way to export a posted AP pmt batch to Excel and re-import with negative values to reverse it? Or is the best way to reverse the cheques in bank services and run again?

    Client is a single currency setup and got a currency is not defined in…