• Sage 300 Posting Bank Reconciliation without asking all users to logout

    Multiple bank accounts that need to be reconciled and posted are being used by our Sage300 company.

    The problem is that, even when a certain bank isn't being used, it's always necessary to request that users log out.

    Is there another way…

  • Bank Reconciliation Status report as of a specific date

    I need to find the details of what withdraws and deposits were outstanding at 10/31/22. The reconciliation status report seems to give me what is outstanding at this moment in time for anything processed through 10/31/22, not exactly what I need. I have…

  • G/L Journal Entry Error - Please Help

    Has anyone experienced this error before when processing G/L Journal Entry? 

    Not sure where to even begin but processing a few transactions / posting banking transactions and then doing G/L Journal Entry and we get this error. We are running Sage 300 2022…

  • Bank Reconciliation Status show "Not Posted"


    I have a deposit batched posted with 14 entries, and Entry no. 9 has repeated in bank recon with status show "Not Posted" in bank recon. This repeated entry actually was already replaced with a other details. Somehow it show in the bank recon…

  • Bank Rec does not show AR deposits pre conversion

    We recently upgraded to Sage 300 and are trying our first Bank Rec. All outstanding deposits pre-conversion are missing from the reconciliation screen, all outstanding checks both pre and post conversion are fine. We also ran the Bank Rec status report…

  • Data Integrity Bank Entry Error

    Sage 300 ERP 2016, working through my data integrity issues and there is a warning that I would like to resolve.  The message is "W: G/L Account 'XXXXXXXX' is inactive, but can be used."  It does give a sequence number with the error and…

  • Cyrstal report cannot pickup default customized paper size

    Sage 300 ERP 2018, custom written reports, custom page sizes defined.

    When printing this report to print preview, then print to printer, the printer will default to the printer as specified within the report but paper will change to Letter type each time…

  • Initial Bank Reconciliation

    Hi Support,

    We need to do a Bank rec for the first time even though Bank, AP and AR have been in use for some time now. What is the correct procedure for this.

  • bank reconciliation discrepancy

    Hi there,

    My bank reconciliation is mismatching gl due to reversed transactions in payroll I think and I would like to know if I can create a bank entry and then post it in bank.  This will make bank equal to GL.  But I not sure what account I should use…

  • Wrong date reversal


    I did reverse a check but at the wrong date. Does anyone know how we can fix it?

  • Bank Rec issue- URGENT

    HI there,

    We are have  a strange issue with one bank in bank rec. When trying to reconcile by detail, we get the following error:

    Invalid input: lines reconciled should not be greater than lines. 

    The message keeps popping up and does not allow to go…

  • Accidently booked service charges on a bank transfer -how do I fix as I cannot enter a negative service charge in bank transfers

    I've tried everything.  The transfer amount was also keyed in under bank services charges in the bank transfer so in essence I've duplicated withdrawals in both bank accounts.

    There is nothing under reverse transactions and nothing in the manual…

  • Out of Balance B/R

    My adjusted book balance and G/L balance is different by $16.04.  I believe that a former user post thru G/L which crated this inbalance.  I created an entry to the cash account so that it would wash in G/L which balances my book balance to the G/L balance…

  • Bank Reconciliation Issue

    Hi there,

    We have an issues with our bank rec.October bank rec was posted but two of the entries did not get posted even though it was cleared as per bank statement. In the  December bank rec, the two entries and still showing as outstanding and bank reconciles…

  • Bank reconciliation - bank entry

    We just converted from Accpac v5.4 to Sage 300 ERP 2014. Trying to do a bank rec for the first time. We have an out of balance exactly equal to the previous month end that was not brought over from old system.  Just need to do a Bank Entry to adjust, but…

  • Beginning Bank Balance

    In Sage 300 ERP, how do you establish the beginning bank balance in Bank Reconciliations so you can proceed forward. We have everything from March of 2014 on to do and cannot figure out how to establish that beginning base balance number. Please help…

  • Error when reversing a bank withdrawal in Sage 300 6.0

    We are trying to reverse an old withdrawal and get the following error:

    Invalid Input. Lines Reconciled should not be greater than lines.

    Reverse Transactions failed.


    Can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue?


  • Bank Reconciliation

    I have two clients.  One is on Sage 300 ERP 2012 Premium PU2 and the other is on Accpac 100 6.0 PU1.  Both companies are using MS SQL 2008 [email protected] as their database engine. The 2012 client is using terminal services and the 6.0 client is on a local install with…