Sage 300 web screen error

Hi all,

I have install Sage 300 web screen for customer as a trial version.

After installing, creating the PORTAL database, and restart the server, the web screen has error as attached. The database company already have AS and CS activated. The system database only have 1 company, which is the SAMINC.


3rd party modules installed are Extender (By Orchid System), and SalesAnywhere (by Autosimply)

Anyone can guide me how to solve this error?

Thank you

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    Hello, when running the Sage 300 Database Setup screen, did you select the "Portal" button and enter the credentials for the "portal" database? The action creates the dbconfig.xml file which provides access to this database in the Web Screens. If this is not done, a message such as this will be displayed. Also, are you able to successfully login to the desktop in ALL companies that are associated with the system database? This is crucial that all companies are "activated" in this manner before accessing the web screens.

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    Thank you John Thomas. It turns out the desktop have a Product Update 3 while Web screen which is installed later does not have PU. So I run PU3 to update the web screen

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