Internal Usage to supply production cells with parts?

We're just going up on Sage 300 to control inventory, in a manufacturing environment. We have 1 central stocking location for bulk supply inventory parts, and a factory floor in close proximity. The plan is to periodically move 2 week's worth of inventory from the 1 central stocking location, to individual, various work cells. The thought is this will keep the cells supplied with parts, so they can just use and consume as needed, without doing transactions for everything they touch. The transaction to do this "transfer" would be the Internal Usage function. We produce simple product assemblies, and do not have any BOM's built. We also do not have any manufacturing module, such as auto-simply. We also realize that this transaction will instantly 'consume' these parts (about 2 weeks worth) in 1 fell swoop, and we're OK with that, since it's only 2 week's worth of inventory, and the other 20 weeks worth of inventory is in the 1 main stocking location (warehouse). We also realize that the inventory value of all these transactions instantly goes to zero, we're also ok with that. If at any point we need to get a value of the parts in the work cells, it's no big deal - can be counted pretty quickly.

Has anyone else done this kind of routine, or, have you done anything else similar to accomplish the same goal - keep the factory moving, without being choked by lots of transactions reaching for a screw?


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