Warning! LanPak Total Exceeded


We have a customer with 75 lanpak. They have several applications that use COMAPI.  We often receive the error "You have reach the maximum number of concurent users... " from our application. In the event viewer we see ACCPAC - Warning! Lanpak total (75 licences) exceeded.. As you can see below only 34 users are connected.  It seems that when we close the session from the API, it does not seem to release the licences immediately.

Customer is using Sage 300 2022 pu 3.  Any idea ?

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    How are you closing down your sessions in your customizations?

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    we use mDBLinkCmpRW.Close();, then session.Close();

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    If this a new situation or has it only come to light because they have more users in the system and they are now running out of lanpaks?

    Typically I don't have issues but when writing a VB6 program to let me run Sage macros via command line I did have to go through the whole process of using the SageSignonManager and the SageSessionManager along with the AccpacSession objects.  This was necessary to run the Sage macros - most of the time you don't need to do this.  But it does give me full control over the logon/logoff process and I don't worry about lanpaks (we use just one lanpak to run all of our macros as the program will queue macros and run them one-by-one).

    However, I also mostly stick with VB6 vs .Net for my Sage customizations so you might be encountering something with the different environment.

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    It start after we upgrade from Sage 2016 (using the xapi)  to Sage 2022 PU3 (using the COMAPI with reserverd Lanpak). As you can see in the screen shot only the connection with the COMAPI receive that error. The users working in Sage are not affected.

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    I've had this with one site. I wrote an API to integrate their booking system into Sage over the web. It works just fine. I have used the same connection, session management and disconnection code in all my projects. Every now and then their system gets this error and the only solution is rebooting. I logged it with Sage developer support and they suggested my code was incorrect. I sent them my code and they confirmed that my code is correct. It logs in, does its stuff, and logs out and closes all sessions and discards them, but the problem remains. It can take weeks for the error to occur, but it will occur. They're on Sage 2020. My code is written in C# and I use the .NET APIs. Never had the issue using the same connection code in any other site. So it could be a combination of code and environment.

  • At some point (during the 2021 product cycle?) Sage introduced a file-based Lanpak management component.  We had issues with users logging off and not having file permissions to delete these files located in \\Sage300Shared\Comapany\userMgtLogs.
    Might be a piece of the puzzle.

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    Thank you but unfortunately, we deactivate that feature in that environment and it still occuring.