Can I see who locked the batch and admin release the lock ?

More than once in recent history I have a user reporting they cannot post a batch because it is locked by "another user"


Description: Batch ##### is currently locked by another user. You will not be able to set it's status to Ready to Post until everyone has left it.

Source: 12:42:04 - A/P Payment Batch List

I know nothing about Sage administration and I haven't found anything suggesting there is something I can do about this beyond a comment eluding to it 

You can't in version 2012, you need 2014 or higher.

So I can confirm that the user in question, who blames themselves for the lock, logged off the application already. Which makes me think its someone else that has the batch opened somewhere. I looked for open transactions on the DB but that netted nothing. The only thing I can think to do is force all users out of the program which feels extreme. How to I figure out who has a lock on a particular batch.  

Version: 2018 (300 Premium) (Build 40) (Product Update 4)