• Clear History

    Please, how does clear history work. We are having issues with old transaction and we want to delete the old posted transaction. 

  • On Journal Entry, Rate value is different from the other item line

    Hi all,

    my customer is making a journal entry when this happen. Please refer to the Rate column and the cell value in red rectangle. The value of the rates on this column are prefill accordingly. But the value for the last item line is different from…

  • Financial Reporter will not Preview

    We have a customer that is having an issue on 1 workstation only with the financial reporter.  It will not generate in preview, but they can print to file.  The same statement works from other workstations.  

    It is Sage 300 2021 with the latest Produce update…

  • Posting to previous FY


    we have an error batch as the error occurred because the user has  posting to a prior year (posting date 22 July 2021and value date 30 June 2021).

    The posting has to be done to last financial year (2020-2021). We have already done End of Year Processing…

  • Recurring Batch Entries

    Hello Team,

    I was trying to create a new RECURRING BATCH ENTRIES through the GL Setup >>> Recurring Entries >>> Filling the GL Recurring Entries screen and click Add.

    After clicking "Add button", this error comes up "…

  • GL Account Code without Delimiters

    A client has a need for a General Ledger Account Code made up of more than one segment, but with the option of not using delimiters. Is there a way to do this in Sage 300?

    For example, Segment #1 = Cost Centre, XXXX; Segment #2 = Account, XXXXXX


  • The Header Journal Source Code AR must match the Batch Journal Source of GL

    Sage 300 2020 PU 2. A customer receives the error message, 'The Header Journal Source Code AR must match the Batch Journal Source of GL' when importing a batch from AR (Create G/L Batch). The batch contains AR-IN and AR-PY transactions. Source Codes are…

  • GL posting Error - "Entry for a period before the prior fiscal year"

    In AP, I entered a manual ck incorrectly as 4/19/01.  When the system tried to post the resulting GL entry, I got this error.  I have since voided the manual ck and re-entered it correctly.  Now, how to clear this error in the GL posting?

  • G/L Inquiry with Income Statement Year End Income Statement Amounts


    I am trying to export the 2016/2017/2018 year end income statement accounts and amounts to excel. I cannot find which column definition displays this information. Every column definition I have tried does not tie out with the actual income statement…

  • how to import into Sage 300 2017 General Ledger ?

    our company have more than 40000 journal entry history data  - how to import into Sage 300 2017 General Ledger ?

    I tried entering manual Journal and export in excel sheet then add 5 journals on headers and details , then import from excelsheet

    it's imported…

  • People posting to invalid GL accounts

    Is there a way to prevent people from posting to invalid GL accounts from the subledgers?  When people are in AP coding invoices or in Credit Cards they are creating accounts that do not exist in GL resulting in several reclasses each month.  Is there a…

  • Trial Balance amount difference from GL transaction listing balance

    Please, need an urgent response. The amount showing the trial balance for a particular account for a specified period is different from the amount showing on the balance in GL transaction listing report. I didn't know this because my trial balance actually…

  • GL Historical data

    Hi Support,

    i'm setting up Sage for a new client and due to time constraints, the client has asked if it is possible to enter this years data first and enter prior years data at a later stage. Is this possible?

    how can this be achieved?

    Priti …

  • AP detail description


    In AP GL integration, if the detail description option was not selected to be transferred to GL initially, what happens if this setup is done mid way. Will the detail description be transffered for history data? If not, then how can this be retrieved…

  • Re: Error when printing in webscreen


    I encountered the below error when printing via the webscreen Sage 300c 2017. I had installed the latest patch Sage 2017.3 and it still give the same error.

    I got this error when I am trying to print the GL TB, GL Transaction Listing.

    Has anyone encounter…

  • General Ledger Labour Calculation

    We have a table in the database where we are pulling data for the number of hours for labour for different types of jobs.

    What we are looking at is that when one selects an automotive part for repair as a stock item that also there can be an option on…

  • Multiple Year Ends in same Fiscal Year

    Does anyone know of a fast way of closing a general ledger in the middle of a fiscal year.

    We have a client that was purchase and they have to do a deemed year end. I know we could just do a journal entry to close but I just wanted to inquire is there…

  • How to generate Income Summary from GL Financial Reporter for user defined Range of Fiscal Periods

    Sage 300 v2016

    GL Financial Reporter (FR)

    Is there a way to specify a range of Fiscal Periods that spans between two fiscal years when generating an Income Summary in FR? I have a bank asking an Income Summary from 7/1/2015 through 06/30/16. Coming from…

  • Direct/Indirect Labor GL's

    We have 2 GL's set up for Worker's Compensation.  One is used for Direct labor and the other Indirect labor.  In Payroll, Setup, Fringes, WC Fringes, the Expense Acct. box has GL # 5027 in it.  This is the GL # we use for Indirect Labor.  When payroll…

  • Year End Not Closing

    Good morning,

    My client is doing her first year end in 6.0.  She is using MS SQL 2008 R2 for her database engine and running everything locally on a Windows 7 machine.  Her retained earnings account is set up and in place.  She used the Create New Year feature…

  • FR Report Designer - no network drives shown in the File>>Open area

    Hi all,

    Strange FR behavior - when opening the FR Report Designer then going to the File>>Open area to select a report to modify, the only contents are the C drive of the workstation.  If we close out of FR and launch Excel from the desktop I can…

  • See this "Desciption: Internal error. clearOldProvisional: empty glppd fails (3088 GLJPST1.C)." message when posting a GL Batch?

    The following message appears when posting a GL batch:

    "Description: Internal error. clearOldProvisional: empty glppd fails(3088 GLJPST1.C) Write down the message, leave Sage Accpac and Windows
    and return to the system prompt. Reset your computer…