• How to adjust EI and CPP earnings on Sage 300

    Does anyone know how to adjust EI insurable and CPP pensionable earnings for T4s on Sage 300?

  • Credit limits overide report

    Is there a report or something to identify what user approved a credit limit overide

  • Sage Accpac ERP Database error=49153 After restore database from another server

    Hi All,

    I just restore Sage Accpac 5.6A from old server to our new server (both database names are the same: "ACCPACSYS" & "ACCPACDAT").

    After restore successfully and launch Sage Accpac ERP on server (on where Accpac 5.6A and…

  • PO backorder date default

    Hello a user requested that the default backorder date for POs be changed from 1 year to 2 years. Is this possible?

    Sage 300 2017. Thank you.

  • On Journal Entry, Rate value is different from the other item line

    Hi all,

    my customer is making a journal entry when this happen. Please refer to the Rate column and the cell value in red rectangle. The value of the rates on this column are prefill accordingly. But the value for the last item line is different from…

  • A/R deposit shows Not Posted in bank rec

    We have a client running Sage 300 v2021.5.  They have an A/R Receipt batch that was posted in A/R, but in Bank Services bank rec screen, it shows as ‘Not Posted’. 

    Because of this status, they cannot clear the deposit in their bank rec.


  • emailing AR statements

    Has anyone had any issues with being "black listed" by your email provider/server for emailing AR statements, invoices, etc... from the Sage program's email capability?

    My IT people are concerned because we are one division (using only Sage…

  • overflow. maximum entry has been generated for batch

    I have a client whose  Accounts receivable batches have not been posting to GL as there was a post in progress batch. I resolved the batch - closed period but when the next batch is posted, the system is processing all the hanging batches and then throw…

  • Sage 300 Bank Feeds

    Can someone assist me in configuring bank feeds. I have included in Sage 300 2020 PU 7 installation but when I open any bank in bank e-statements ( Bank Services) I do not see anything to do with bank feeds. How best can i go around this.

  • AR Customer default price list

    Every year I have to change AR Customer default price list. We have 90K customers and import from excel takes more than 72 hours. Hardware is definitely not an issue since ship to locations are updated for less than 12 hours. Using minimum of data in…

  • Multiple users printing different customer statement concurrently - sage 300

    in one of our client , Users cannot print different customer statements concurrently. Is this how sage works? If for example a user has printed a statement for Customer X and while it is still open on his machine, another user tries to print a statement…

  • Apply Open Credits to an Invoice during Invoice Entry

    How to apply open credits e.g. prepayments, open credit notes etc directly to an Invoice in A/R while entering the Invoice.

    The Invoice amount should reduce with the credits amount.

  • Importing Receipt Batches

    I am able to import misc receipts into Sage 300 AR successfully.  I create a batch, set my bank and batch date which equals my deposit date, then import a single file of multiple misc receipts to reflect that day of deposits.  My question is that I have…

  • Period locks change on upgrade to 2021

    I just upgraded a customer from Sage 300 2018 to Sage 300 2021.  After upgrading they pointed out that many of their "Locked" periods were now unlocked.

    In their old database in the CSFSCST table there are NO lock records for 2020, 2018 and 2016…

  • PST on Expenses

    I am from Vancouver BC area. We pay 7% PST on expenses. I am trying to enable tax calculations on our Sage 300 which are currently disabled on our AP System. When I do that, system is posting expense and applicable tax as two separate line items in the…

  • Error during the push payment to Sage 300. The payment type is 'Receipt'.

    Hello Team,

    I try to push a payment with the 'Receipt' status.
    But I receive an error message: "value": "The request parameters are invalid. Fail to save value to (Applied Receipts/Adjustments) for fields (Customer Number, Document Number, Payment…

  • Currency Rate

    Hello Team,

    To receive the currency rate I use the following endpoint -> CSCurrencyRates

    The response has the following structure:


    I have chart of accounts with two segments i.e MAIN & MAIN SUB

    1234 Repair and maintenance

    1234-01 Repair and Maintenance - HQ

    1234-02 Repair and Maintenance - TZ

    1234-03 Repair and Maintenance - ZM


    On printing financial reports only Main Accounts…

  • HELP! Can I edit or delete a posted receipt in Purchase Order

    I receipted my purchase order and posted it in Sage 300  but I did not put the correct amount down and hence I cannot Invoice it. Is there a way for me to edit or delete the the receipt for the purchase order. 

    Please help me  ASAP. 

    Thank you. 

  • Returned check nsf

    I had a check deposited in Feb and returned back in March my question is.. can I Reverse transactions in March the date the check was returned? I don’t want the bank to be effect for February it has been reconciled and posted. 
    thank you newbie here…

  • Sage 300 A/R Source Application

    Sage 300 2019 PU5

    We have Invoices generated in the A/R using Data from different systems through integration.

    There is a need to identify the systems where the Data came from on the Invoices.

    Is there any risk using field  'SRCEAPPL' in 'ARIBH' and 'ARIBC…

  • Web API AR Posted Documents - Optional Fields

    Sage 300 2019 PU 5

    Sage 300 Web API v1.0 |
    The payload from ARPostedDocuments does not show Header Optional Fields Values for AR Posted Invoices.
    It shows the number of Optional fields only.
    We require the values for integration.
  • Aged Payables Report - Functional Currency Issue

    I am trying to print the aged payables report in functional currency as at March 31. The problem is, that its showing some documents with dates after March 31, just because those documents were applied against prepayments with dates before March 31. This is…

  • Delete schedule linked to application

    We need to delete a schedule in common services that is linked to accounts payable. How do we delete the link? Thank you.

  • How does Sage 300 handle the CPP 3500 exemption

    I am working with someone that is new to Sage 300, but not new to Payroll.  They have payroll setup, and we are trying to match the calculations from the other system (Sage 50) to Sage 300.

    We have entered all of the employees, and also entered their pay…