• Sage 300 AR Credit Card Receipt - can't post

    I have an AR receipt entry with a cc charge that has been settled but the receipt entry will not post.  The charge was applied to two invoices.  Before the batch was posted, another entry was made to those two invoices with a credit note applied to them…

  • Error during the push payment to Sage 300. The payment type is 'Receipt'.

    Hello Team,

    I try to push a payment with the 'Receipt' status.
    But I receive an error message: "value": "The request parameters are invalid. Fail to save value to (Applied Receipts/Adjustments) for fields (Customer Number, Document Number, Payment…

  • Currency Rate

    Hello Team,

    To receive the currency rate I use the following endpoint -> CSCurrencyRates

    The response has the following structure:

  • Paid customer and job remain on AR Aging Detail reports (not crystal)

    Our AR Aging Detail by Job is showing a job that has no balance, and our AR Aging Detail by Customer is showing that customer with no balance.  There's nothing that I can find to adjust on this customer.  I found some forum posts on receipts and invoices…

  • National Account Change

    Is there a module that can perform National Account Number Change like the Customer Number Change?

    In Sage 300 2018/2019/2020

  • Do A/R Invoices have or allow for Kit (Kitting) Items?

    Would like a conclusive answer if Accounts Receivable (A/R Transactions) allow for the use of Kit items with individual components. I know they are available in Order Entry Transactions.

    Thank you for any/all help!

  • RE: AR reconciliation (subledger to general ledger)

    This solution applies to most versions of most software, and to Sage 300, and Ptree 50, too.

    Post all o/s AR transaction to AR, and to GL.

    Then run the [AR TB], and the [GL TB for the AR control account] at the END of the furthest period open in your…