• Deleting AR Receipt Error batch

    We have an order that was prepaid before shipping. The shipping system added a shipping charge to the invoice. Now we are getting an error batch for the shipping amount that says. "Document XXX is already fully paid/applied"

    If we try to delete…

  • assets G/L deleted batch

    Hello everyone,

    I'm facing an issue regarding. assets acquisition batch.

    I made an acquisition batch and it's posted in the AM module, but it's arrived to the G/L deleted.

    anyone know why its deleted? and how can I re-generate a G/L batch for…

  • Account Code Change 2022 Error - Damage Database if run and dont Print/Clear Log before !!!

    Hi everyone,

    Since I upgrade my customer to Sage 300 2022 a lot of issues with ACC. First we get an error and data damage because an A/P Job Details issue was in KB and fix. Later with an AR68AARRD critical error with invalid data directory that also…

  • Bank beginning balances upload

    We need to load uncashed checks to a new bank. Other than manually entering one batch per check, is there any way to import this information? Ty.

  • Entering only Retainage amount in AR

    Is it possible to enter a retainage amount only without entering the original invoice in AR? The reason is that the invoice was paid before Sage 300 was commissioned and only some retainage amounts exist which need to be entered for a customer.


  • ERROR: "Access violation in module AIDBZ32.DLL" when posting a change in Account Code Change Solution ID: 23062


    I have a lot of issues with Account Code Change with a customer using Sage 300 2022 Update 2 and Update 3. We fix some of them installing hot fix first to solve an issue (database damage) with AP files and later tech support send me AR dictionary…

  • Error Importing G/L Journal - Could not find installable ISAM

    Hi everyone,

    Suddenly, user - Sage 300 2021 (all programs at server) - running Sage from workstation set up is getting that error when trying to import some G/L journals. They use that feature a lot. But now is getting that error!!

    Any idea?

    Thank yo…

  • Receipt of Payment

    Hi! Payment received from a customer was recorded through Bank Module - debiting bank and crediting a gl account.

    How do we apply this payment to the invoices in the AR module in Sage 300?


  • Sage 300 AR Credit Card Receipt - can't post

    I have an AR receipt entry with a cc charge that has been settled but the receipt entry will not post.  The charge was applied to two invoices.  Before the batch was posted, another entry was made to those two invoices with a credit note applied to them…

  • AR Document Inquiry not behaving

    V2020 PU8

    For Admin AR Document inquiry works fine.  For another user and even a new user I made when I click on entry field it says Entry 1 does not exist     

    A/R Receipt Entry - well it does exist and I can go into batch and entry on Receipt Batch List…

  • On Journal Entry, Rate value is different from the other item line

    Hi all,

    my customer is making a journal entry when this happen. Please refer to the Rate column and the cell value in red rectangle. The value of the rates on this column are prefill accordingly. But the value for the last item line is different from…

  • Reverse AR Miscellaneous Receipt - GL additional line with no GL Account and amount

    Why is there a extra line in the generated GL Journal with no GL Account number and amount from the posted Reverse Transactions?

    Original posted AR Miscellaneous Receipt with no Customer ID.

    The generated GL Journal entry cannot be posted.

  • Bank Reconciliation: Quick Clear Function

    Hey SageCity Members, 

    I am using bank rec for the first time in Sage 300 2021 Premium.  However, we noticed that some of the transactions in the bank rec doesn't have transaction numbers. 


    When we try to use quick clear for range of withdrawals to clear…

  • Bank Reconciliation posting error: Requested payment was cleared previously

    We have been working with a customer who has had some issues with their bank rec.  We have worked through their issues and are at the point where we are ready to post the reconciliation and we have received this error:

    Requested payment was cleared pr…

  • exchange rounding account is not defined for account set

    Client is trying to reverse a payment in bank services, They are getting "Exchange Rounding Account is not defined for Account Set...

    Problem is, client is not using multi-currency and there is no option to even add an exchange rounding account…

  • Can you reconcile E-Statements with Fifth Third Direct Bank that is different from Fifth Third Bank


    I have a client that would like to Reconcile E-Statements with Fifth Third Direct not Fifth Third Bank and they cannot. Does anyone no if Fifth Third Direct is supported?

    Thanks for all you do

  • A/R deposit shows Not Posted in bank rec

    We have a client running Sage 300 v2021.5.  They have an A/R Receipt batch that was posted in A/R, but in Bank Services bank rec screen, it shows as ‘Not Posted’. 

    Because of this status, they cannot clear the deposit in their bank rec.


  • Cash receipts short pays

    Hi, we frequently get small short pays from our customers for different reasons. How can we enter them at the time of doing the receipt entry? Is it possible to select the GL account to use? Ty.

  • Customer number change and National Accounts

    Client has a request to change the customer id but the customers belong to a national account.  Reason for the change is that the customers are changing affiliations and client built in national account identifiers in the customer number.  Most of the customers…

  • overflow. maximum entry has been generated for batch

    I have a client whose  Accounts receivable batches have not been posting to GL as there was a post in progress batch. I resolved the batch - closed period but when the next batch is posted, the system is processing all the hanging batches and then throw…

  • AP discount - force it while creating payment batch

    Hello, is there any way to force an AP discount (ie: 2% 10/net30) while entering a payment batch, without changing the system date? Thanks.

  • UK MTD for AP invoices posted in currencies except GBP


    I am setting up a UK company that needs to submit VAT MTD returns. Does the Sage 300 MTD module that comes with v2022 work with other currencies besides GBP? I am posting some AP EUR invoices and it seems that the VAT Return icon reports these as…

  • AP system generated payment batch limitation

    Is there a workaround or third-party solution for the limitation with AP system-generated payment batches being limited to only one at a time?

  • Bank Entries doubling up

    In Sage 300 version 2020, I have seen in the last 2 days, bank entries doubling up.  A entry was done as a withdrawal for 200 and it shows in the bank rec. as 400.00 , and an $100.00 entry was showing as a 200.00 entry on the reconciliation tab.  When we…

  • PO invoice reversal


    Is there a way to unmatch a PO invoice already posted without going doing a credit note? More specifically, the person match an AP invoice in PO invoice in PO module by error.