• Sage 300 2014 AR Receipt Entry numbering

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a client running on Sage 300 2014 and is facing challenges on AR document numbering. The system's AR Receipt document auto-numbering sometimes skip the sequence by a random number hence distorting the trail. Can anyone assist on how…

  • Sage 300 AR Credit Card Receipt - can't post

    I have an AR receipt entry with a cc charge that has been settled but the receipt entry will not post.  The charge was applied to two invoices.  Before the batch was posted, another entry was made to those two invoices with a credit note applied to them…

  • Can't find RRH Record after A/R Receipt Posted

    Please kindly help us.

  • emailing AR statements

    Has anyone had any issues with being "black listed" by your email provider/server for emailing AR statements, invoices, etc... from the Sage program's email capability?

    My IT people are concerned because we are one division (using only Sage…

  • overflow. maximum entry has been generated for batch

    I have a client whose  Accounts receivable batches have not been posting to GL as there was a post in progress batch. I resolved the batch - closed period but when the next batch is posted, the system is processing all the hanging batches and then throw…

  • Multiple users printing different customer statement concurrently - sage 300

    in one of our client , Users cannot print different customer statements concurrently. Is this how sage works? If for example a user has printed a statement for Customer X and while it is still open on his machine, another user tries to print a statement…

  • Bank Reconciliation issue

    Bank Reconciliation issue: We had to few receipts incorrectly entered in AR Module. We reversed them using the reversal feature in Bank Rec module. Reversal was recorded correctly in AR Module and GL. But in the Bank Rec these reversals are showing up…

  • Cannot export customers

    I have a client, where for a couple of companies, I cannot export the customer or ship-to records.  When I attempt to export my customers, the screen that shows the records, the first record should be customers, but it only shows a "-".  If I…

  • Paid customer and job remain on AR Aging Detail reports (not crystal)

    Our AR Aging Detail by Job is showing a job that has no balance, and our AR Aging Detail by Customer is showing that customer with no balance.  There's nothing that I can find to adjust on this customer.  I found some forum posts on receipts and invoices…

  • System error. Call to lnkCommitTrans failed [227]


    Am getting this error when adding or posting an AR Invoice batch in Sage 300.

    System error. Call to lnkCommitTrans failed [227]

    I recently did a database move using the dump and load. Now my AR batches dont want to post.

    What could be the problem…

  • A/R invoice reversal

    A number of invoices were added in may however some of the may invoice dates were dated Jan so it ended up in Jan. The invoices were reversed in the general ledger since there were already posted. 
    when the ages trial balance was run for the customers the…



    I have used customer code change. Most of the codes have been changed succesfully. However I have gotten this error on some customers. Any help will be highly aprecciated

    A/R Customers: 3C0002 to 7C0001, Critical Error: [54353] unknown error adding…

  • Changing the Processing Code on a Customer Credit Card

    I have a customer that has over 1,000 customer credit cards stored with Sage Payment Solutions (now PAYA).  They are planning on changing banks and through Sage 300 if you attempt to change the processing code with a credit card it will delete all the…

  • Changing Banks for Credit Card Processing

    I have a client that is planning on changing banks.  The problem is that they have over 1000 credit cards saved.  They are using PAYA, but the problem is that in Sage 300 the credit card is associated with a bank.  I have been told that when they change…

  • AR Aged Trial Balance in Sage 300 2019 does not display

    I have a client and from one workstation when they run the AR Aged Trial Balance the program spins through all of the customers, but does not display the report.  The shortcut is set-up to run as an administrator.  Any ideas?

  • How to record tax in AR prepayments


    When receiving prepayments from customer in AR (against an Order), the VAT amount of the prepayment has to be reported. How can I record it so it appears in Tax Tracking Reports?

    Appreciate your input.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Ubaidullah Nubar.

  • How can we change the AR receipt status to cleared?

    When trying our first bank rec after upgrading we discovered that as part of the recent conversion our deposit tables were cleared. It is an easy fix to complete the bank rec, but the issue is that now all the associated payments are showing up in AR…

  • A/R Aged Trial Balance does not reconcile to GL Trial balance, differs every month

    I have read all of the questions on here about the reconciliation of the A/R Trial balance to the GL Trial balance.

    I have run countless reports, and excel files trying to find the differences.

    Things I know:  There are zero postings to the A/R GL account…

  • A/R Aging does not reconcile to G/L balances.

    I am trying to reconcile the A/R aging to my G/L and I can't get it to match, no matter what report I run.  It matched in November, so it has to be something that happened in December.  I have checked the G/L accounts and all of the transactions were…

  • A/R Year End error messages

    I am trying to process year end in AR.  I have ran/printed all customer statements, interest, printed all posting journals and reports needed.  Every batch is posted to the GL and backed up. Every time I click "Process" in Year end I keep getting the error…

  • AP and AR Contra entries


    Is there any way  to contra transactions and show a net balance if a vendor is also a customer?


  • A/R Deposit combining two separate batches

    Hi all. Something weird happened to two of my A/R batches this morning. Two separate batches combined into one deposit number. Has anyone ever had this happen before? I am wondering if somewhere in Sage there is a way to combine separate batches into…

  • AR Subledger Balance by Month

    How can I get the balance of the AR Subledger by month for an entire year or date range? The only way I know is to create an AR Aged Trial Balance Report manually for each month... but I just need the balance.

  • How do a remove a credit card partial payment that was over applied to an invoice

    I have a client that has processed a credit card payment that was supposed to partially pay an invoice.  They over applied the payment so the invoice now shows up as paid, but they credit card payment show up in the Aged Receivables because it was over…

  • How to undo AR Receipt Entry


    We have an AR receipt Entry batch with 2 entries my first entry is ok but I want to undo the 2nd entry in order to put back the document number in the first entry.