GL Account Code without Delimiters

A client has a need for a General Ledger Account Code made up of more than one segment, but with the option of not using delimiters. Is there a way to do this in Sage 300?

For example, Segment #1 = Cost Centre, XXXX; Segment #2 = Account, XXXXXX

Instead of the usual XXXX-XXXXXX, the account is created to read and look something like this - XXXXXXXXXX

In other words, is there a possibility of a BLANK delimiter?

  • They have about 14 Segments in their GL Account code and we were thinking sort of concatenating other segments into one in order to accommodate them.

  • 14?
    I had a client who started out with tracking down to salesperson level in the GL, they had about 400,000 GL accounts and also 10+ segments.
    They finally saw the light and rationalized the GL structure and did their detail reporting in the modules.

  • Thank you Ettienne for pointing this out. I believe this is largely due to the complexity in the reporting hierarchy. I will try to dissuade them from complicating their reporting in the General Ledger. Just to pick your brain on this one. In a reporting hierarchy consisting of Departments (upper) and Divisions (lower), is it permissible or logical to have an account code made up of "Account + Division"? The normal structure would be "Account-Department-Division".

  • Remember as there are 45 characters available, if they extend one of their segments, they can do what they want so they could have account+division together, they could have department and division together, whatever is a non changing sensible grouping, often if there is an entity involved and departments or divisions, they can do that, it's really to the level that they are reporting at. Then use number change to change their current structures and accounts