• Accpac 5.5a

    Hi, we currently are using AccPac 5.5a version and we would like to see what options we have to move to newer versions. We run a small business and AccPac 5.5a is perfect for us but do realize its time to upgrade. Currently our systems run on Windows…


    Hi All,

    In my table, there is value 3, 4, 5 in RECSTATUS column for BKTRANH table.

    But there is no entries for 3, 4, 5 in AOM.

    Can anyone help me on what is the RECSTATUS value for 3, 4, 5 in BKTRANH?


  • Sage 300 Database on Azure SQL

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone here can answer this, rather than having to jump into the support gauntlet.

    I work for an IT firm and a client of ours is presently running Sage 300 on a server VM, connecting to an MS SQL database on another VM, which…

  • Database error (operation=LOCATE, error=0).

    Upgrading from 2019 to 2022 and for that purpose deploying new virtual server. Server is running Windows 2019 and SQL is running on a separate machine. I am able to convert data but when trying to run SAGE receiving error in OE and IC. PO seems to be…

  • After upgrade from 2021 to 2023 I got Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

    After upgrading sage from 2021 to 2023 I got error Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component on accessing web screen.

    What would be the reason of this and solution ?

  • Change Job Cost Code Format

    Good morning,

    I'm trying to align our cost code with the 2014 AIA cost code format in Sage. Right now, it's formatted as xxxxx.xxx but I want it to be xx-xx-xx.

    Does anyone know how i can change this format?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Test System not showing expected data

    I am trying to create a test system to I can run a test upgrade before I do it on the live server.

    Steps Taken:

    Created a new virtual server and installed server 2019

    Installed a new dev SQL Server instance

    Did a backup of my test sys database from pr…

  • Setting up Database for students at our university (trying to help our professor)


    We need help getting our database setup.  I did some reading on it and even though I understand technical things pretty well I did not quite get it.  As I mentioned in the title this is for a class we are taking in Computerized Accounting and we all…

  • Database error (operation=REV-POST, error=229)

    We are using AccPacc to work with Sage 300.

    When we call View.Insert the error message appeared:


    Timecard Detail.

    Database error (operation=REV-POST, error=229)


  • Exclusion list for anti-virus software

    I know this has been asked before, but a few years have gone by so I'm hoping there might be some updated thoughts on the subject.  Client is preparing a new Sage app server, which will have FireEye virus protection.  They know they need to exclude…

  • Error

    Can't post a batch, it is showing you can't post to future date.

  • PO Module -Multiple receipt invoicing

    im getting the below error while trying to do multiple receipt Invoice. kindly help

    two errors

    all receipts in the multiple list must have the same number of source currency decimal places

    all receipts in the multiple list must have the same number of…

  • Sage 300 Data Activation

    A data dump was made and restored on Sage 300 ERP. At the point of opening sage the below error message were gotten with the list of modules which are already installed.

    sage 300 has detected module update inconsistencies that requires activation. The…

  • How to Migrate SAGE from ON PREM to Azure Virtual Machine

    Hello Everyone, 

    My company is considering moving their SAGE application to Azure and does not have an Azure subscription already, 

    How do I perform a migration from On-Premise Server to an Azure Virtual Machine

    Is there a detailed step on Sage Software that…

  • Importing Transactions into Project and Job Costing


    I am getting the below error message when i try and Import transactions into Costs under the PJC transactions. The Error mentions PM0420 which either has to do with Document Number or Line Number, but I am not able to resolve this error  - Could someone…

  • spreadsheet to accpac


    it is possible to enter 150-200 different item #’s into an excel spreadsheet and then import that to ACCPAC? instead of creating an item one by one in the inventory item?




  • Monitoring for Sage 300


    I would like to know if anyone has any experience with monitoring Sage 300.

    We have a monitoring team that will monitor logs and services.

    Does anyone have any suggestion on  what we could monitor to know if accpac is likely responding?

    Is there…

  • Sage 300 + CDATA JDBC Driver for sage 300 + Talend Data integration

    Hello , 

    I'm new with sage 300 and i need to connect my Talend data integration with sage to extract data.

    To this i installed sage 300 on my machine i created a simple company to do the test , then  installed CData JDBS Driver for sage 300 ... 


  • Unable to Print to a Custom Payment Voucher Form

    I have a crystal report which is run via Sage 300 desktop shortcut [Macro] which has stopped pulling data through for some batches. The Crystal Report only shows a blank Custom form for some A/P Payment batch entries and will pull the data for some batch…


    Hi Team, 

    Doing an installation set up. Can I restore a sage 300 ERP backup from premium version environment into a standard version environment. comparing the variance in the version...........

  • Get List of Companies database using MSSQL Query


    I want to create a Business Intelligence Report by using Report Manager & Connector.

    In this report, I want to get rows from table APPYM of all Companies database. 

    But first, I need to know which database is actually a company database for Sage…

  • SAGE 300 Modules activation problem

    Hi Team,

    We have installed SAGE 300 ERP 2019 and when we are trying to activate the modules , using the serial numbers and activation codes provided in the SAGE portal, System is throwing error as invalid serial number for all the modules of SAGE 300…

  • How to change AP control account

    Can someone please help me with changing the AP control account please ? Right now all the invoices are being posted to the Misc Accrued Payables account. I would like to create a separate account called 'Trade Payables - Consolidated' and transfer all…

  • Standard Costing


    My customer is on Sage 300c 2017. They were using User costing before, changed to avg costing and some lot costing. They now want to use Standard Costing.

    I have done multiple tests and talked to a data repair company, standard costing does not seem…

  • Sage 300 v2019 running on Windows Server 2019

    Sage 300 v2019 running on Windows Server 2019. Although the v2019 compatibility guide does not cover this OS and Sage support will not say yes or no if Sage will work. Does anyone have experience using this OS yet?