• Sage 300 2021 on Citrix - Special Considerations or Tasks?

    Sage 300 2021 PU5 will be installed on Citrix (local program files with shared data on application server), it has been a while since I've installed on Citrix (all remote access installs I've been doing over the past few years have been on RDS), any special…

  • Is Sage 300 version 2022 supported on Microsoft Server 2022 Operating system and or Windows 11?


    I have IT companies asking me is Sage 300 version 2022 is supported on Windows Server Operating system 2022. They would also like to know if it is supported on Windows 11. I did not find any information online and I did not see an updated System Compatibility…

  • How do you install Sage 300 2019 financial modules on Citrix/Terminal servers?

    Is there any standard documentation on how to install Sage 300 2019 programs on Citrix/Terminal servers?

  • Sage 300 v2019 running on Windows Server 2019

    Sage 300 v2019 running on Windows Server 2019. Although the v2019 compatibility guide does not cover this OS and Sage support will not say yes or no if Sage will work. Does anyone have experience using this OS yet?

  • Sage 300 2017 - Unicode Support?


    Client has a need to bring their Sage 300 environment from Asia (China/Hong Kong) to their North American data center and would prefer to be able to have both English and Chinese characters supported on one Sage application server environment,…

  • Sage 300 2018 Operating System

    Hello.  I've searched everywhere, but cannot find a clear answer to this question.

    Is Sage 300 2018 supported on Windows Server 2016 x64 Data Center Edition?  It isn't specifically listed in the published Compatibility Guide; it only mentions Server…