• REQ's mysteriously being Deleted

    Can anyone think of a reason why random PO Requisitions are randomly getting nuked?  I am the only one with a DELETE button so it's not like anyone is able to manual delete them.  We created an alert to find them when they are deleted but we just can…

  • Item Number Change crashes

    Changing one item code to another

    Gets to file 112 (then pauses)  of 130 and then crashes out

    Ran Fixit on IC, OE, PO - no change in behavior

    Sage300 2022 PU2

    SQL Profiler says last batch completed was table  APOBLJ  changing Resource field if needed


  • Upgrade from 6.2 to 6.8 - Data activation error - G/L Tax

    Data activation gets stuck at 3% when upgrading - The DB verification log shows fields related to tax services. Any idea on how to overcome this issue? much appreciated

  • Database Upgrade 6.2 (PU3) to 6.8 (PU3) - Data activation error

    I am upgrading a database from 6.2 to 6.8 - When I open data activation, it gets stuck at 3% at G/L Level. Below is the log from database verification. Any way I can solve this issue? Much appreciated

    GLJEH.CODETAXGRP: Field does not exist.

  • Errors during data activation


    I'm trying to move one version at a time from 5.4a to 5.5a so that i can then move to 5.6 and end up in 6.X branch of Sage 300.

    When trying to activate the data in 5.5 i get a bunch of errors: one being "Error converting table APPJD" and the…

  • GL Budget screen suddenly will not open

    GL Budget screen suddenly no longer opens

    uses CPU but no RVSPY and no SQL activity  after accessing  GLAFS

    D.I. is good on GL anc CS

    Downloading Fixit and will see what it sees

  • Job related PO Receipts getting the error "Damaged data. Receipt. Table PORCPH1 not found."

    Project and Job Costing (Job related) PO Receipts getting the error "Damaged data.  Receipt.  Table PORCPH1 not found.". All other PO receipts have no issues. Please help us to solve this issue. Our Version is Sage 300 ERP 2019 and Database is Sql…

  • dayend failure strange message

    Day End  gives this error message

    Batch.  Record has been modified by another program

    No RVSPY made;  SQL Server service restarted

  • Sage 300 retail runtime error 52 invalid property value when running(Retail admin.exe).

    This has been running fine since 2016 only yesterday the files server run into a problem after running windows updates.The Pos is invoicing fine with out any problems even in the workstation

    The only problem is in the admin.exe file.I tried greating…

  • Data integrity errors

    Am gettingthe below errors

    What might cause this to happen?

    Wjhat can i do to fix this?

    Purchase Order Line: PO0311816, 10, 700511-IRGP
    E: Item number does not exist.
    E: Unit of measure EA does not exist.
    Purchase Order Line: PO0311816, 14, 9533266
    E: Item…

  • Sage 300 2017 Payroll Error "Damaged Data. Company Profile. Table CSCOM already exists.

    Running Sage 300 Payroll 2017, when I loaded data into a machine used as a backup, I received the error..Damaged Data. Company Profile. Table CSCOM already exists. Cannot activate Common Services data. The backup works on 3 other machines and my main…

  • IC Item Finder shows duplicate line for one item

    Have a situation where IC Item Finder (on any screen) shows 2 lines for 1 item

    If I do a CONTAINS  'dill'  on Description field I get several items with one item showing 2 lines that go to same record

    SQL database only shows one item, reindexed…

  • Database error (operation=REV-BROWSE, error=102)

    The above error in the subject comes up when trying to generate stock count sheet in SAGE 300

  • Negative QTY on S/O in IC Location Details

    Lately we have been seeing more examples of seeing a negative qty on Sales order when looking at Location Details.  IC Integrity check will fix it eventually, but in the mean time it can screw up a few things and I'm just trying to pin down where/why it…

  • GL Batch and Database dump error

    Hello Guys, one of Our Client is currently getting the below error message whenever they click in GL Batch List

    Description: Batch. Database error (operation=SELECT, error=824). [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]SQL Server detected…

  • PMCONTS Table vs ARIBD Table

    I’m exploring the Acc-Pac DB tables and I noticed in the PM… (or Project and Job Costing) table the CONTRACT value is always stored without a decimal.

    e.g. 10042, 51891, 31311 .  Within the AR… (or Account Receivable) tables the CONTRACT …

  • Database error (operation=get, error= 16389) - Sage 300 Erp

    Occurs when opening a new batch in ap and when opening po module. please help.. have been working before but the error has persisted for the past 1 week to all my clients .

  • Opening a company

    while opening a company in Sage 300 2014, following message appears "Desktop has stopped working" please advice

  • Incorrect AUDTORG in many tables

    I have inherited a client that is unable to run the Financial Reports in Intelligence and upon investigation, I found that the AUDTORG field has two different company db id's.  This client is using some third party products so can not do database dump…

  • Database load error ICXLHIS


    We are trying to load database and it fails. Getting the following error while processing ICXLHIS

    error = 0
    native code = -1677721600

    SAGE 300 ERP ACCPAC with PU3
    Database MSSQL 2008 R2

    Extra info:

    Old Collation order: Latin1_General_Bin
    New Collation…

  • Sage 300 portal

    when i'm trying to open any field at sage 6.1 portal this error appears "can't open the application with stored singon information: invalid signon information.make sure you supply the correct Used ID and password" however i'm already logged on the ap…