• AATRIX errors: AatrisForms.exe - Entry Point Not Found after tax update and product updates

    I am getting the following error when trying to run any government report:

    The procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected]@@[email protected]@[email protected]  could not be located in the dynamic link library d:\Sage Accpac\Taxfiling\aatrixforms…

  • Union report from different companies

    Where do I specify the different companies to run the report in.

    I created a container and the report and it is currently "auto connecting" meaning the report runs in the company in which you are.

    I want the report to run the information on…

  • OECOINI comments

    Using OEINVD and OECOINI tables for report and trying to get item/miscellaneous comments. Somehow I am not able to get comments to match. Any tips?

  • How to edit G/L trial balance report?

    May I know how to edit trial balance report in database? Because the amount in trial balance is not tally with the G/L transaction.  May I know how to open the GLTRLA dll file and how to add dll to crystal report? Thanks.

  • Inventory transactions report


    I am creating a report based on ICHIST. I need to back-track each transaction to the originating document (OE, PO, MO, etc). How can I link the information in this table to other detail tables?


  • I/C document number


    How does the IC document number in the movement report relate to the originating transactions? I need to pull the order information for some shipment and receipt transactions reported in the I/C movement report. Thank you.

  • OE paid invoices report


    We need a report of invoices by paid date. We use the distribution suite therefore we invoice through OE. 

    Which tables do I need to use to pull the payment information in AR and link it to the OE invoice?

    Thank you.

  • Manual Journal entry report with user ID

    I am attempting to run a manual journal report for 2020 that includes the UserID of the creator of each entry. Can anyone assist?

  • Printing error

    Using Sage 300 2020 with a shipping Macro that worked last week and now when printing packing slips we get the error....

    Automation error The object involved has disconnected from its client. 

    This only seems to happen for specific user. When logged in…

  • Creating a sales report - which database fact tables to use?

    Hi there,

    To those who have undoubtedly treaded 1000 steps ahead of me...:

    What I am doing:
    Building my own sales report by going directly into the database and using a selection of tables.

    My report needs to answer:
    "what are we selling, to whom, from…

  • unable to load report

    I have a report written over a Single View.   The tables used include: GLAFS, ARCUS, OEINVH, OEINVD, OECRDH, OECRDD, ICITEM.  When I run my report in Crystal it runs fine.  When I attempt to add it to the ACCPAC SAGE300 Reports menu I receive a popup warning…

  • Sage 300 2014/2018 with Microsoft Excel 2010 32 bit

    Is there a work around or fix available for FR Reporter not working or playing up for sage 2014/2018 versions with Excel 32 bit office 2010. 

    Get the error below when executing reports "PrintReport: Error on opening the xla macro.

    Have received…

  • Crystal Reports XI and Sage 300 v2017


    Does any one know if Crystal Reports XI would work with Sage 300 v2017?

    Crystal Reports XI seemed to cause my existing customized reports to stop working:

    -  Before installing Crystal Reports XI, my Sage 300 (including Sage 300 standard reports…

  • System.InvalidOperationException: Plug-in host process not ready

    I'm getting this sporadic error on some clients.  Doesn't happen all the time and after a little while they can login successfully.  Any suggestions or insight?

  • Paystubs

    Can I reprint a paystub in Sage 300?  

  • Unapplied Receipts

    We are new to SAGE 300 and made some mistakes. What report can I run to get a list of Unapplied Receipts so that I can correct them?


  • Next Order Number

    in the OE Setup screen there is the "next document number" fields.  Do those store anywhere the I can use them in an alert?  I need to create a mechanism to check when people have manually entered it.  I just discovered another one and have about…

  • Memo field contains font description in Crystal Reports


    Not sure if that's the right place to ask. If not then please re-direct me to the right discussion :)

    I'm creating a Crystal Report to use in PO module, and when I run it, memo fields (like PO Line Description) contain strings like {\rtf1…

  • POPORH2 table - 2014 PU4


    In the data dictionary, for the above table, I see an 'ENTEREDBY' field; when I open POPOR04.rpt to try and modify it to include the 'ENTEREDBY' field in the report, I do not see this field in the POPORH2 table in Database Fields panel of Crystal…

  • Formula to get Remaining inventory

    I am creating a CR report and need to get the remaining Inventory for a given item for a specific data range.

    I have an item with the remaining inventory for a given date range to check the formula against.

    Can anyone here help me.



  • Creating CR report and need IC Quantity that is IC Aging Inventory

    I am creating a report in Crystal Report 2008 and need the quantity that exists in the IC aging Inventory Report from ICAGED01.

    It looks like it is using a hidden view.does anyone know what that view is so I can get my data for the report.



  • How to customize AR/AP Aging?

    Hi Expert, I'm very new with Sage. Can you please give me a hind to extract AR/AP aging? Any query would be appreciated.



  • reports printing in oracle 11g

    Hi all, We upgraded from Sage accpac v6.0 to sage 300 erp 2014 V6.2, however i have a problem printing cheques from AP (shows a blank report), Aged payables show totally different figures from whats the true position in Oracle 11g. The same reports are…

  • reports printing in oracle 11g

    Hi all,

    We upgraded from Sage accpac v6.0 to sage 300 erp 2014 V6.2, however i have a problem printing cheques from AP (shows a blank report), Aged payables show totally different figures from whats the true position in Oracle 11g. The same reports are…

  • USER table - any other placement?

    I trying to figure out the best/easiest way to assign users to a certain branch.  At first I simply inserted their respective Branch location name into the beginning of their User Name description thinking that I would be able to link to that.  Apparently…