• SQL 2022

    Hi All,

    Has anyone installed Sage 300 2023 with SQL 2022 yet? Does anyone have it working? I know it isn't in the compatibility guide yet (as of 8th March 2023).

    I am hoping it is supported in the next Product update or sooner.



  • Sage 300 Database on Azure SQL

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone here can answer this, rather than having to jump into the support gauntlet.

    I work for an IT firm and a client of ours is presently running Sage 300 on a server VM, connecting to an MS SQL database on another VM, which…

  • Tables and Fields for Manufacturing

    I cannot find the Tables names and field description for the Manufacturing module in Sage300.  Anyone knows where to get it

    Something similar to this


  • Adding a large amount of new inventory

    We are adding a large number of new products to our Inventory Master list which requires new part numbers, adding each part to the Pricing list, entering the quantities for each part and its location.  What is the most efficient method to add this information…

  • Sage 300 2019 Supports SQL Server 2019?

    Hi everyone,

    A customer is still running Sage 300 2019 (with SQL Server 2012) and its going to move to Sage 300 2022 in a few months. But before of that its going to invest in a new server and want to upgrade some applications to SQL Server 2019.


  • Deposit Date from AR Batch is coming from which table?

    Hi all.

    I am looking for the Column that store the deposit date of AR Receipt Batch. But ARBTA does not have Deposit Date column. Then I go to ARPJH and update the column DATEDEPST (Deposit Date), but the new value does not reflect on the AR Receipt Batch…

  • Deafault loggin users SQL

    We have disabled login user Sa in SSMS and created different user to access Sage 300 databases, Our auditors asked us about the default logging users created when you install SQL. What's the best practice to deal with those users created during SQL installation…

  • cannot access database (error=40960) sage 300 2020

    Hi, i am experiencing error 40960 when i tried to login into sage 300 database on 3 separate workstations while other two workstations connected successfully.

    I have checked the DSN, redirected it and ensure everything is right BUT the issue still persist…

  • Sage freezes sometimes on payment batch list

    Every now and then I have Sage freeze and lock everyone from doing anything. It commonly happens in the payment batch list during heavy usage around month end, but it can happen other times as well. The system during the working day is under heavy usage…

  • REQ's mysteriously being Deleted

    Can anyone think of a reason why random PO Requisitions are randomly getting nuked?  I am the only one with a DELETE button so it's not like anyone is able to manual delete them.  We created an alert to find them when they are deleted but we just can…

  • Recommendations for Re-Indexing Sage 300 Databases using Microsoft SQL Server Maintenance Plans

    Are there any best practices or caveats for re-indexing Sage 300 Databases using Microsoft SQL Server's maintenance plans?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

  • Query for Logged In Users?

    One of our users runs a script in the evening to modify data. Once in awhile, they will receive an error that data is locked by user. I know that we can kick users by going into Help > Current Users, but I was wondering if there is a table containing…

  • Item Number Change crashes

    Changing one item code to another

    Gets to file 112 (then pauses)  of 130 and then crashes out

    Ran Fixit on IC, OE, PO - no change in behavior

    Sage300 2022 PU2

    SQL Profiler says last batch completed was table  APOBLJ  changing Resource field if needed


  • Encounter error during Database load

    Hi all,

    During a database load, I have encounter this error. No clear message so I don't know what is the cause and how to solve it. Below is the screenshot.

    Can anyone help me please? Thank you.

  • Database audit product


    Can someone recommend a product to audit the update process for transactions? We need to know who does modifications.


  • The Currency Rates was deleted by mistake


    I'm an IT Manager of my company. My user deleted the Currency Rates by mistake and I already restored the data back to the table (CSCRD). But the Currency Rates still do not show the data that I restored back. How I can fix the screen Currency…

  • Can the SYS DB be a Different Collation Method than the Company DB?

    Sage 300 2021 PU5 - SQL 2016

    I think I know the answer to this (no) but can the System DB be a different collation method than the company DB?  I ask since a new company is being brought onboard from an old Sage version environment where the company DBs…

  • DBDUMP vs SQL backup / restore

    I'm performing another test upgrade of Sage 300 to a new application and database server.   (going from SAGE 2017 to 2022  and SQL2012 to SQL2019)

    Is there any reason to use DBdump and load to move data to a new server versus just restoring a fresh…

  • ASERRRPT Error Code

    While uploading a CSV of employees to sage, I got an error code 3.3978.0

    I have attached the error report here. I cannot find anything under that error code and the report does not give any direction to fix the issue.

  • Migrate from MS-SQL 2014 to MS-SQL 2019

    My customer is replacing their server which is running Sage 300 relatively current version with MS SQL 2014.  As long as we are moving we want to upgrade to MS SQL 2019.  The customer purchased MS SQL CALs on subscription from Sage with the original purchase…

  • Cannot Access Database 49153 database setup with server

    Hi All.

    I have error when i want connect new PC from sql.

    Cannot Access Database 49153, it means the PC cannot read the sql server.

    No issued with another PC, only problem from this PC.

    But if i create ODBC, connection is sucsessfull, and change from…

  • How Can I check or clarify SQL server is runtime edition version ?

    Hi, Everyone How Can I check or clarify SQL server is runtime edition version.

    Please help me.

    Thank you so much

  • Delete unused accounts through an import

    I was wondering if there is a quick way to delete over 1000 accounts quickly, rather than one by one. I am pretty familiar using the import and export feature, however that only allows me to update the accounts, not delete them. Or maybe it does allow…

  • Migrating to new servers

    Client uses Sage 300 2014 & SQL 2012, on separate servers.  They have provided 2 new 2019 servers for us to begin the upgrade -- but first, I want to make sure that everything works as it does now, before installing version 2022.  The DBA restored the…

  • sage 300 2014 data dictionary

    Hello, I am new to the forum and need some help. Please where can I find the Sage 300 2104 data dictionary?