REQ's mysteriously being Deleted

Can anyone think of a reason why random PO Requisitions are randomly getting nuked?  I am the only one with a DELETE button so it's not like anyone is able to manual delete them.  We created an alert to find them when they are deleted but we just can't figure out WHY.

Luckily the products seem to have been ordered already, so that's good.  Just no idea what is causing them to vacate the premises.  

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    Check the access rights for all the users with REQ rights . You might have removed the delete button via the UI option, however,  sometimes it does not remove it for that specific user until you recreate the user account with restricted access rights. This means you might have to test users with access to create REQ's and verify if they truly don't have the access rights to delete. If the issue persists, delete the user account with restricted access rights and then recreate the account. Test and see what happens.

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