Recommendations for Re-Indexing Sage 300 Databases using Microsoft SQL Server Maintenance Plans


Are there any best practices or caveats for re-indexing Sage 300 Databases using Microsoft SQL Server's maintenance plans?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


    This is a great question!

    My long-term approach has been to schedule a re-organize of indexes Monday-Saturday nightly, and a re-build of indexes on Sunday nights.  As you would know be careful not to schedule the rebuild to take place in a time when users might be logged in and using the system.

    If the client complains about specific performance problems in specific areas, I find its best to use the "Recommend missing Indexes process" on tables relating to the performance problems, then create those Indexes.  If you Google "Create missing indexes in Microsoft SQL" you should find lots of tutorials to do this.


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    Tim, Thank you very much for this helpful feedback!

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