Is Sage 300 version 2022 supported on Microsoft Server 2022 Operating system and or Windows 11?


I have IT companies asking me is Sage 300 version 2022 is supported on Windows Server Operating system 2022. They would also like to know if it is supported on Windows 11. I did not find any information online and I did not see an updated System Compatibility Guide.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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  • in reply to Vega

    thank you for your reply.

    I appreciate your answer.

    that is also my concern, because I have already install sage 300 version 2014 in windows 11 and some of its function are not working .

    should I go back to windows 10 ?

  • in reply to Danilo Mayo

    I would. It's your only option. you need to keep going back until you find an OS that it works with. It's a constant problem customers not upgrading. You need to increase their support costs to make it more viable to upgrade.