Why is Company Name not populated when promoting to Sage 300, as well why is Opportunity number missing when selecting New quote.

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During promotion as well as creating a new quote, required information is blank.  This is present when using Sage 300 CRM integration.

This can occur as a result of an additional forward slash in the Sage 300 Server Name in CRM integration.

To verify, in CRM Select Administration, Sage 300 Administration, Setup Integration, make sure Sage 300 Server Name does not have a trailing slash in url.

For example, https://app06.crmerp.local/ should read https://app06.crmerp.local 

  • Yeah, I've never figured out why there isn't a small script on the field that trims off the trailing slash if there isn't meant to be one or add it if there is meant to be one. There are a few places in CRM like that. Defining the library location requires the trailing slash... well, it doesn't but it is best if you do otherwise instead of Library/folders you get Libraryfolders in the main CRM install location.

  • Maybe for future releases:

    If Mid(Trim(sURL), Len(Trim(sURL)), 1) = "/" Then
         sURL = Left(Trim(sURL), Len(Trim(sURL)) - 1)
         sURL = Trim(sURL)
    End If