User passwords can be forced to be more complex now

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This enhancement is added by 2022 Product Update 2 (PU2), but PU1 is required prior to installing PU2, so all the new tables are properly installed. 

An advanced option is available for passwords. This feature will require Sage 300 users to create stronger and more complex passwords. This function will require users to create a password that is a minimum of 8 characters and with at least one of each of the following:

  • Upper case letter.
  • Lower case letter.
  • Number.
  • Special character (such as * or #).

This enhanced option can be selected in Database Setup, Security, Require complex passwords. 


Once you start using the new feature, things may get a bit complicated if a reinstallation is required. There are a couple of reinstallation options (with Shared Data in place) to consider.

Perform in the following order if reinstalling with PU2:

  1. Uninstall Sage 300 2022.
  2. Reinstall Sage 300 2022.
  3. Install PU2 (will have login issues if no PU or PU1 is installed). 

Perform in the following order if reinstalling prior to PU2:

  1. Before uninstalling, set the Sage 300 Security back to simple by unselecting the Require complex passwords option.
  2. Set all users’ passwords back to a simple format.
  3. Uninstall Sage 300 2022.
  4. Install the desired PU or no PU
  • This issue is addressed in 2022 PU3. There is also hotfix 115515 you can download from the knowledgebase to address the issue also.

  • It seems that turning on "Increase required complexity" in DbSetup, Security, Advanced settings breaks the O/E credit approval function.  That function gave an invalid password error with Increase required... turned on; worked again after turning it off.

  • The scenario is reinstalling after PU2 is installed and the new option complex passwords is being selected. That step is from the option of reinstalling with PU1 or no PU applied. Basically, the prior versions won't recognize the "special" characters installed by PU2. That's the reason. If you reinstall 2022 and put PU2 back also, there will be no issue. Hope this clarifies things!

  • Am I reading this correctly?  in step 2 "Set all users's passwords back to a simple format" does that mean that users need to change their passwords to a simple format? what exactly does that mean? I'm thinking of clients with over 300 users, do all the users passwords need to be changed?  Am i over complicating this?