• Tracking Deleted Sales Order w/SKU detail

    We have numerous SKUs with a reorder point of 0 and most are treated as special order product.  We often find that special ordered material arrives from the vendor only to find out the customer cancelled, the SO was deleted and no way to look back at transaction…

  • Import Orders with Visual Integrator

    I'm wanting to get orders imported started with a J and have them increment for every new order that comes in.

    I managed to get the J in there, but with using the "NEXT" order number.

    Is there a way to have the vi job check for the last…

  • Item Bundles??


    we are currently on Sage100 Advanced 2021.  We are a drop shipper which normally only sells the items it receives from overseas in the same box it is received in.  

    We are looking at grouping items as bundles and trying to sell as a collection.  

    can someone…

  • Sales Order digital approval process

    Does anyone know of a product that integrates with Sage 100 where a Sales Order quote is emailed to customer and they can digitally approve it and that digital approval turns the quote into an order? 

  • Does SAGE 100 offer paperless for SO Picking sheets

    In the SO module we currently use paperless Output Office for printing SO's and SO invoices. 

    Is there a way to use paperless for printing the picking sheet "Pick Sheet"?


  • All "lookup" windows Sage 2022

    We recently upgraded to Sage 2022.1 and one of my employees was frustrated because every time she resized columns in the Sales Order lookup window, they would revert back - even after creating a custom view. 

    I tested it on a few other lookup windows (purchase…

  • Script to Synchronize Customer Billing Address in Sales Order Data Entry

    I was attempting to create a VB Script (to be executed via an External Link button) that would update the billing address within a sales order from the customer's AR address. Currently our admins do not have the ability to manually change a customer's…

  • How to enter Purchase order and create Sales Order using API

    My team has been using desktop Sage 100 (2021) to enter purchase orders to generate sales orders, but we would like to do this via API. 


  • Getting total pieces ordered on a SO to print on the SO

    is there a way to get a sum total of all the pieces ordered to calculate and print on the SO, Packing list or bill of lading.

    I am looking for the grand total of all the items.  Having a grand total of the items shipped would also be helpful.


  • C# Create Sales Invoice From Sales Order; nSetKey() fails, sLastErrorMsg = "The [InvoiceNo] is invalid"

    I am on Sage 100c Standard 2016 (Version (yes, I know it is very old, and have plans to upgrade to a supported version).  I am attempting to create a program in C# that creates a sales invoice from a sales order.

    When my program executes the…

  • Void credit card authorization on sales order

    Several versions ago we were able to void a credit card authorization on a sales order but haven't been able to get it to work on Sage100cloud Advanced 2019 Version  We are using Paya.

    I have confirmed that the Library Master, Security settings…

  • How can I verify where items are committed? Sales Orders/Backorders/Etc.

    My company manufactures products that we categorize by Lot #. As an example, I have an item with Lot # ABCD that we delivered into Sage 4,143 bottles. Of that Lot #, I can confirm that 3,628 have been invoiced and sold, leaving 515 left, which is exactly…

  • SAGE Formula

    I have a formula in my SO picking sheet it puts different words on the header depending on the number of days between the order date and the ship expire date.

    I want to edit this formula that the < 4 is actually 0 to 3 Business days.  before the wording…

  • 100E - Sage 100 - Object Interface Course Purchase Issue


    I purchased the above mentioned course on Sage university but I was not able to access the material as the payment was pending.

    Also, I got a auto mail from sage informing that one of their sales person will contact us for payment part, but I haven…

  • generating a PO from a sales order

    I would like to know if it is possible to only create Po's from a sales order for items we don't have in inventory?

    If I create a sales order that has lets say three items two that I can pull from our inventory and one that I don't have any in…

  • Automatically print backorder pick tickets?

    With raw materials and shortages we have found that we are shipping more shipments leaving a backorder in our system than ever before.  Historically, shipping would go in and print a new ticket with the backorder and keep it until it could be filled.  Our…

  • Sales Order Entry / Totals Tab / PaymentObj

    I believe the Deposit Payment Type on the Totals panel and other data reside in PaymentObj.  What table is associated with this object?  Where/how can I find the data?

  • Automatically Distributing Lot Number in S/O Invoice Data Entry through Visual Integrator

    Hello All,

    I've been trying for the last two months to figure out a way to automatically distribute lot numbers by FIFO in S/O invoice data entry using visual integrator. We don't create a sales order before creating the invoice. Each of our inventory…

  • Shipping data entry sending items in multiple packages with packing list for each package

    We have a client who has a customer who wants a packing list for the items that are in each box shipped for the order and not the whole order on the packing list.  Does anyone have a similar issue?

  • Adding Last_Total_Unit_Cost of an item by warehouse to SO field

    Hello Everyone!

    I am looking for a quicker and easier way to ascertain the last total unit cost of an item in a specific warehouse. Our organization has multiple warehouses and sometimes landed freight charges vary for different items based on their warehouse…

  • Sales UOM Pricing - SO using the Standard UOM

    We have some items where the Sales UOM is EACH and standard is KG.  When adding these items to a sales order, the sales quantity shows as EACH however the price is coming over as the standard price x the KGs per EACH.  This only occurs for a handful of…

  • Modifying Order of Secondary Grid Lines for All Users on Sales Order Module

    I'd like to modify the order in which lines are displayed in the secondary grid in the Sales Order Module (Sales Order Entry). 

    We have several UDF's in that grid, but I am having trouble seeing the list of fields within that secondary grid. Using…

  • Button Script to delete Sales order with cancel code

    Hello all,

    I wrote a script with the goal to delete sales orders with a specific condition. So I can delete sales orders just fine its just that when the orders are deleted the cancel reason code is not flowing to history it is staying blank. I am even…

  • Can an Inventory Depletion be Linked to the Receipt???

    First off, our ultimate goal is to look at an Invoice in AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader and Detail and know what the Landed Cost is.  The Purchase Order Module's History Files does a pretty good job of tracking Landed Cost History by Receipt Number.  However…

  • SO entry screen

    We just did the SAGE 2021 update and something all of our people are finding an issue with is  In SO entry screen under the lines tab we used to be able to have the columns in the order we wanted and have what we wanted to see and it would remember it…