• VI import Job for AR Invoicing without an Invoice Nbr on input file

    I've been tasked with creating an AR Invoice import job with the input file not having an invoice number.

    Looking for a way to have a "Run Assign" field that would prompt for the next invoice number to use and then increment that number upon change…

  • Import Quantity used to Work Tickets

     need to import Quantity used in to work tickets.

    I have a VI Import to JT_Transaction that when run populated the JT_Transasction file. Seen in DFDM.

    However, it does not show in the work ticket; the exploded sales order nor does the quantity appear in…

  • Import Orders with Visual Integrator

    I'm wanting to get orders imported started with a J and have them increment for every new order that comes in.

    I managed to get the J in there, but with using the "NEXT" order number.

    Is there a way to have the vi job check for the last…

  • Can we use VI to place/drop a standard PO that pulls balance from a master PO?


    We have a lot of master PO's that suppliers ship partials in multiple shipments. Hence we assign a letter to a standard PO for each shipments using the same master PO #. The standard PO draws balance from the master PO (Master/Repeat PO). We are wondering…

  • VI Import Cash Receipts Deposit w/o Deposit Number

    Working on Sage 100 v2016 and trying to figure out how to import cash receipts using one file when the file does not contain a Deposit Number.  I don't believe I can use the 'NEXT' operation because my Cash Receipts Header/Detail import needs…

  • when using Visual Integrator to import a PO

    Hi  When I am trying to import a PO through VI can I import a comment line.

    In My SO import I replace the "Line type" and comments import as a 4  items import as a 5.  Is there a similar thing with PO's.

    I can't get it to import the comment…

  • VI Export Job: Issue Linking Tables

    I am needing to run an Open Balance Export job that contains specific headers that are located on different tables. The primary table I'm using is the `AR_OpenInvoice`, to which I am attempting to link to the `AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader` table. The problem…
  • Using a Sage UDT (Sage Premium SQL table) as a source for a VI job?

    How can I use a Sage UDT SQL table as a source for a VI job? 

  • VI Import AP Credit Memos

    Have the following source file (CSV)

    2 questions:

    1 - I want to import the Invoice No and append "-CM".  Is this possible?

    2 - Importing the lines Distribution Amount from the Credit Column. How do I reverse the sign so it comes in as a negative…

  • Purge specific records from AR Invoice History-VI or SQL?

    Running Sage 100 Premium 2021: need to reduce the size of the AR Invoice History tables. The purge invoice history utility is good as far as it goes, but I need to remove invoices for only one division that creates thousands of repetitive invoices monthly…

  • VI Cash Receipt with only Invoice #

    Client is running Sage 100 v2018 and have asked for a VI import of cash receipts.  They scan in information and save it as a csv.  However, the information does not include Customer Number...only Invoice Number.  Within the Sage 100 Company where the data…

  • Import AR credit memo detail lines from history?

    I am hoping to streamline my VI script designed to import AR credit memos. If entered manually I only enter CM <Next Invoice>, Customer Number, Apply To Invoice. I am then asked "Do you want to copy invoice information from history?" Clicking Yes allows…

  • Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll

    Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll? 

  • Automatically Distributing Lot Number in S/O Invoice Data Entry through Visual Integrator

    Hello All,

    I've been trying for the last two months to figure out a way to automatically distribute lot numbers by FIFO in S/O invoice data entry using visual integrator. We don't create a sales order before creating the invoice. Each of our inventory…

  • Adding a perform with two select statements in Sage 100 Visual Integrator

    Client running Sage 100 v2018.  Trying to export purchase order information based on two select criteria that is outside standard fields.  I'm able to create a Perform for the individual selections and when I add one of the two perform functions to the export…

  • Override Unit of Measure in Visual Integrator

    I'm doing an import job maintenance.

    Our PO has the field L.QuantityOrdered as 12 and L.UnitOfMeasure as "EA".

    In Sage, the Item has a Sales UOM of "CS6", which translates to 6.

    So when we import the order, the PO means 12 total…

  • Looking to Export AP Payment Transaction History-System Limiting Export

    When exporting payment history for AP I am only getting a few years information. If I run a report I can see the system has 20 years worth of data but its only giving me 2+ years which is more like just the time frame for viewing in the system. I tried…

  • How to Run Visual Integrator from .bat file


    I am trying to update my VI Job. I have it automatically running from Task Scheduler on my old server.

    I am trying to run it on my new server called NEWSAGE with port 9021 for Sage 100 2021 Premium. Here is my script below:

    CD "C:\Sage\Sage 100…

  • VI Invoice Counter on export of AP_CheckDetail

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to export the AP_CheckDetail and CheckHeader information but I need to have a counter on the invoices.

    There is a field NumberOfDetailLines but if the Check has 5 invoices this field shows 5 but I need to have each invoice listed…

  • Import PO using Visual Integrator

    Trying to import POs with different Units of Measure in the lines. Inventory item is set up with Purchase UOM TON and Sales UOM LB. For some reason, the imported PO has a quality error (when UOM is different from the Purchase UOM, it multiply the conversion…

  • VI Job error WO with Bill Revision

    I'm trying to create a job to change dates for Work orders. Some WO through errors like this when the Revision Code has any letters. Some of our revisions are just numbers like the ### but some do have some letters which are allowed in the Bill of Materials…

  • Visual Integrator job to import employee rate changes.

    I have a CSV file with new employee pay rates for a couple hundred hourly employees.  Is it possible/advisable to import the new rates with a visual integrator job, and have the change appear on the "Pay Rate Change Report".


  • Visual Integrator: Creating a job that imports invoices into AP Invoice Data Entry

    Hi all, 

    I hope everybody is doing well. I apologize in advance if I post this in the wrong section. 

    I recently discovered the Visual Integrator module for Sage 100 and have been trying to learn how to create a job that imports an Excel spreadsheet containing…

  • VI *.SQL Files Are Not Being Migrated To 2021

    I have seen two different upgrades affected by the *.SQL files under MAS90\VI failing to be migrated to the 2021 MAS90\VI folder during upgrades.

    Anyone else encountering this?

    The manual solution is to just copy them but I don't recall having to do this…

  • AR Invoice Import

    I feel like I should know this, but for some reason I'm struggling with this VI job.  I am importing into AR Invoice Data Entry.  My file has over 400 lines in it.  What I want to happen is have the import assign the Next new invoice number, once.  However…