• Where is Credit card information stored in Sage 100

    Can anyone please help me with the business object for Credit card information and the tables in which it is stored.

  • How do I hide one or more Tabs on a panel?

    I am trying to hide tabs 3, 4, and 5 for Customer Maintenance for a specific user. I know I could set the fields on the tabs to hidden, but the user wants the entire tab to be unseen when looking at Customer Maintenance/Inquiry. I cannot delete the tabs…

  • Tracking Deleted Sales Order w/SKU detail

    We have numerous SKUs with a reorder point of 0 and most are treated as special order product.  We often find that special ordered material arrives from the vendor only to find out the customer cancelled, the SO was deleted and no way to look back at transaction…

  • Sage Support Partners

    I would like to find out who Sage100 users are partnering for support and if you are satisfied with them.

    we are currently with [email protected] and have been frustrated.

    I would appreciate any feedback.

  • Sage 100c eInvoicing - Messaging Help

    I would really like to start using the eInvoicing feature in Sage 100c.  I have it all set up within Sage (the eInvoicing check box is available in Customer Maintenance and I've sent a few test invoices using the feature).  But, I find the email that…

  • P&L by Specific Date Range in Sage Intelligence


    I'm looking to create an Income Statement by a specific date range.

    There was a previous post of an individual stating they wanted to do the same thing and the response was that it could be done, but that you had to have Report Designer.


  • convert single company GL reports to consolidated company reports

    Can the reports "GL Transactions incl BegBalances" & "GL Transactions Incl Open Balances" be converted to Consolidation reports?

    Or, is there a way to set the company code and add the 8 companies as sub-reports?

  • OAuth Login Screen, Office 365

    Hello all,

    I constantly get a popup to log into my account with microsoft every time I try to test the Oauth email settings. When I do actually try to log in, the page fails as seen in below screenshot. Everything is filled in on the company maintenance…

  • Businessworks and Sage 100

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if there is a conflict if both the BusinessWorks client and the Sage 100 client are both installed on a workstation?   Have a client moving from BW to Sage 100.



    Is there a way to create a warehouse that does not apply any unit cost to an item?

    we want this new warehouse code to hold items that will eventually be replaced by the factory.

    so if we receive a container full of goods…

  • All Standard Crystal Forms and Report are not populating data in Sage 100 2022 PU1...ODBC Issue

    I have just upgraded my client's live Sage 100c advanced 2019 PU 4 to Sage 100c 2022 PU 1.  Everything migrated to new server properly and the data for the live company was converted fine too.  I am experiencing an issue with the ODBC both for User…

  • An Error has Occurred. While running Sage. not a Sage Error

     Has anyone seen this kind of error?

    Any suggestion for a solution?

  • automate - 300+ customers need to be autopay a few days after the invoices go out.

    I have a client that bills once per month.  I want to export the customers that have a checkbox I created that states yes, along with that month's invoice balance to auto-pay credit cards. 

    300+ customers need to be autopay a few days after the invoices…

  • Summary Package Tracking Inquiry

    Does anyone know the file that controls the Summary Package Tracking Inquiry screen?  I know this screen is not customizable, but an error happened with our Sage 100 Version 2013 to 2021 conversion and I need to get a clean copy of this screen file.


  • sData Create Sales Order Payload Sales Order Lines with W/T and Job OPS

    Hi Everyone, 

    We are working on an ecomerce intergration using Sdata. A plain order works with the lines, qty and price coming over.

    We are stuck when we try to sent a SO that has Parent Items that need work tickets created and assigning the child parts…

  • Accounts Payable Check Printing


    We noticed that two vendors have a posted check with the same check number, different amounts, and different check dates.

    Check 4340 for  2,313.03 shows under Vendor A with a Check Date of 06/23/2022

    Check 4340 for 2,120.14 shows under Vendor B with…

  • Adding ODBC connection in Power BI service fails; works locally


    I'm running into a roadblock attempting to add an ODBC data source via Power BI Service via +New / Data sources page from the following URL. https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/gateways 

    Here are a few facts:

    1. The ODBC driver (for Sage 100…
  • Sage 100 Premium 2021.3 company background colors stopped working

    I set the company background color last week and now they are all the same.  In Company Maintenance on the Theme tab I tried to turn it back to standard, then change back to classic and choose a new color, but it still isn't showing the background or frame…

  • What module would be best for new services?

    We currently use all the core modules (GL, AP, AR, BR, PR, IM, PO,  plus Job Cost and Time Card. I am looking for something, for example - we may have 1-3 jobs at a time (up to 90 days each), each job will have 2-3 work tickets, and each work ticket generates…

  • Can I get more that 2 people into a Cash Reciepts batch for entering Credit Cards during the workday?

    I am running Sage 2021 and have managed to get two people into the same batch for doing Credit Card transactions with Paya. Any attempt to add a third person will not work. What is the preferred method for allowing users to run a stored card for a client…

  • Windows 10/11 ARM processor and pdf converter

    Hope a community member can help here. I have a few machines that are running the ARM version of windows 11. 

    The sage pdf converter for paperless office does not include a arm version of the driver. 

    I have reached out to both sage and amyuni (the developer…

  • F9 can't read SY_Company.m4t file correctly

    We've been using F9 for a very long time, and sometime in the past couple of months it has been "working" in terms of allowing the F9 formulas in excel to work, but when one user (me) tried to do some additional F9 tasks (drill down), it only sees 2 of…

  • VI Import AP Credit Memos

    Have the following source file (CSV)

    2 questions:

    1 - I want to import the Invoice No and append "-CM".  Is this possible?

    2 - Importing the lines Distribution Amount from the Credit Column. How do I reverse the sign so it comes in as a negative…

  • Inventory Valuation Report and Available Quantity

    Hello! i'm hoping you can help me with something that i'm sure is a very simple fix. 

    We run small inventory counts usually to confirm and reconcile backorders or questions about shipments through the month. Usually, we run an inventory valuation…

  • How to share a silent ODBC Connection

    I've connected a single table from Sage 100c 2021 to Excel (data model) via a silent ODBC connection with saved username/password.  All works great for me, but if anyone else uses this excel workbook and tries to refresh the data it makes them log…