• Forms/Reports/BIE blank after upgrade

    Had an upgrade from v2016 to v2021 Advanced. Migration/conversion went well with no errors. However forms, reports, bie within sage 100 doesn't display data and even trying to do a crystal report outside of sage doesn't display data. I could see…

  • "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver] Internal Error"

    This is happening with a single table MS Query in Excel 64-Bit when accessing large individual I/M and P/R files and continues after rebuilding them (Ex. IM_ItemTransactionHistory) . I reviewed the other thread on this error, but nothing applies other…

  • ODBC Time Compare

    I'm trying to do a compare of Sage 100 TIME (hours past midnight - fractional) column in a SQL WHERE statement. I was able to get the DATE field to work with {d '2021-09-16'} but there doesn't seem to be a [t '17.500000'} like scalar function for…

  • [ProvideX][ODBC Driver][FILEIO] Unable to allocate memory to perform requested operation (#14) in MS Access Sage 100 2019

    In MS Access we have used ODBC to connect to the Sage 100 ver 2019 data files.  We get an ODBC error when accessing the AP_InvoiceHistoryDetail table (a very large file).  In MS Access we see the linked file.  I open it and go to the last record.  It works…

  • Object Reference Pointers

    Within the ProvideX environment Sage 100 references their objects by an ID value starting at 100001 for SY_Session. When scripting is used, does 100 create an OLE reference (iDispatch pointer) to the object and pass that to WScript Host?  If so what is…


    The ScriptBasic distribution comes with a web server version of the language. It runs as a Windows process and is multi-threaded. The best part is you can run your BOI external scripts on the web server with no modification to your BOI specific code. The…

  • Connection to Sage Data with postgresql fails

    Any help is greatly appreciated. 

    Using Sage 100cloud Standard. 

    My company uses Access to query Sage data. This works well, but I'd like to run more advanced and rapid queries. My system administrator has allowed me to install Postgresql on my computer…

  • Is an "Enforced Both Inner Join" type supported by the SOTAMAS90 ODBC DSN?

    I seem to recall a Sage KB that indicated there were only 3 Join Types supported by Sage (MAS, back in the day). Inner Join, Left Outer and something else. I don't recall hearing about the "Enforced" setting. I ask because we have a client who are very…

  • How to connect to Sage 100

    I am developing a Windows Forms application which is required to connect to Sage 100 and get order information. I am using ASP.NET and SQL Server 2008.

    Is there a way to connect to the sage 100 database?

    myprepaidcenter login

  • Sage 100 - ODBC - Performance

    We have Sage 100 2014 running on a Server 2012 VM.

    We have a custom application that runs on a client machine which reads data from a couple system tables.

    Here's the odd thing.

    When Sage is running on the client machine, everything works fine on…

  • Linked server connection to Sage 100 advanced via ODBC SQL 2019 Std msdasql

    In prior versions the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC was available in SQL to setup the Linked Server. In SQL 2019 I dont see it nor can I find a download to add it. Am I missing something?

    The Sage 100 2020 32 and 64bit ODBC connectors are both installed…

  • Sage Alerts & Workflow v10 w/providex

    Has anyone used Sage Alerts & Workflow v10 w/Sage 100 providex yet? 

    When I try to add a calculated column, the top where it says calculations to perform is blank and I can't choose a calculation. If try to do it manually whatever calculation I receive…

  • Sage + Excel?

    We're using the SODAMAS90 4.0 ODBC driver from sage. Our excel is part of office 365, so it is the latest version. We were able at one point in time (a few weeks ago) to run queries in excel via Data > Get Data > From Other Sources > From Microsoft Query…

  • Join an Excel connection to Sage 100 connection with Connector

    Can you use the connector module to connect your Sage 100 ERP to an excel spreadsheet and match up the invoice number from Sage 100 to a column in the spreadsheet called invoice number for example? (sage 100 std v2018)

  • Job Cost Detail History tied to General Ledger Detail

    I have a client who is migrating from Sage 100 4.5 to Sage Intacct.  I'm trying to take Job Cost lines posted to the GL and break out (tag) the summary lines by job number and cost code (dimensions).  But when I look at the JC tables such as JC Transaction…

  • Sage 100 2019 and Power BI connect via ODBC (DIRECT)

    We have Sage 100c 2019.   We use Sage Intelligence that sends reports via Windows Task Scheduler to Power BI Desktop.  We use Power BI Cloud that pulls the data.   This has been working successfully for a long time.

    I am testing a DIRECT connection between…

  • Get quantity of some Components shipped


    I'm trying to use MS Query to get quantity of some Components shipped to each country in past years.

    I am able to get such list of data for Items using tables of AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader/Detail. How can I get to quantity of Component then? I…

  • ODBC for VI using Access Split Database

    Hi all, would like a better understanding of best practice in setting up an ODBC link for Sage 100 VI jobs. We are currently still on Sage 100C Advanced 2018, and I am working to beef up what began as a home-grown Access solution to meet a specific accounting…

  • What tables to use to bring in fiscal year/period into GL reporting?

    I am creating a GL Detail report (GL_DETAILPOSTING) and need to have the fiscal year and fiscal period columns added to the report. What table do I use to join?

  • Production Entry Revision number


    I've been wondering if there's a way to get the latest revision number from A Bill of Materials.

    I've tried to get the value by uising  oProduction.nGetValue("Revision$", strRevisionNo) but im still getting the "000" revision number.…

  • inventory maintenance Sage 100 standard cost field

    Which Sage 100 IM table contains the Standard Cost field?  I need it for a Crystal report, but can't seem to locate it.

  • ODBC Driver for Excel returning NULL values for alphanumeric item codes

    why is the container importing my excel file with blank (NULL) values for items with alpha numeric labels? additionally the columns have switched order?

    Excel Output                                       Connector Module Sample Run                         Original Excel FIle Import

  • SOTAMAS90 [ProvideX][ODBC Driver][PVKIO]Logon failed

    We are using a 32-bit System DSN with SOTAMAS90 to connect our Knowledge Sync Tool (Sage Alerts & Workflow) with Sage 100 Advanced (Providex).  It works great 29 days out of 30.  On the first day of the month all users are locked out so month-end process…

  • SQL Data Warehouse from Sage 100 2018 ProvideX tables

    I have set up a linked server in SQL 2017 set up from Sage 100 using the v4.40.0004 ProvideX ODBC Driver.
    We are looking to create a data warehouse to mirror Sage 100 ProvideX tables in full and refresh deltas throughout the day.

    Pulling FULL tables dumps…

  • AR_InvoiceHeaderHistory Time Stamp

    What are the differences between 'Time Created' and 'Time Updated' fields in the invoice history? Assuming they are my local times and that it is based on a 24 hour clock with decimals as fractions of the hour (e.g. 15.5 = 3:30 PM)?