• Sage Migrations (MAS 200 / Sage 100)

    Fairly new to most of Sage.

    From what I've heard it's not possible to migrate MAS 200 into Sage 100 because of different tax structure setups. 

    We run MAS 200 v4.40 (listed in install as C:\M200cs\V44\MAS90), Sage CRM 200, and Sage 100 2017 v5…

  • MAS200 Version 4.40 Export to Excel in Vendor Inquiry (and others) grayed out or unavailable

    We are running an old version of MAS200, version 4.40.  I had to upgrade my laptop due to it's untimely death.  I am currently on Windows 10, Office 2019 (32-bit).  For some reason, the Export to Excel button that was available on my old laptop is "grayed…

  • MAS 200 connection disappears

    This is an old (yes very old) installation of MAS 200. The server is running on a Windows 2000 SP4 system. We have head office using MAS locally and 5 branch offices connecting via VPN connections.

    We have one branch office where all users report that…

  • Search customers by Pricing Method

    So we are doing a massive overhaul of our system, and one big thing we have to do is change customers pricing method. We have about 2300 customers in our system, but not have custom saved pricing. We are moving from Price Discount % to Price Override…

  • Inventory error

    Was closing out the year and the last process is Inventory Management.  Mas200.   Received an error IMWPAA...then it showed up again this past month closing out.

    Anyone know what this is ?

    I know it's an ancient version...


  • User Defined Scripting

    I have created a JobNumber UDF and added it to AR and AP invoice data entry line detail.  Now I would like to create a User Defined Script for the actual Job Number entered during data entry to be written to the JobNumber UDF.  In AR it comes from the header…

  • BOI IM Transaction Entry - Error CI_LineEntry_Header 'Missing or invalid Header'

    Running what should be a simple Transaction Entry test for BOI.

    I can create all the object I need, test for and create the Batch. Set Key values.

    But the call to SetKey is continually returning 0. Last Error Text is 'Missing or invalid Header' and Last…

  • Sage 100 ERP (MAS200) Citrix issues


    We migrated our Citrix environment to a new server and now MAS200 is not working.  When I try to launch it from our remote site, I see the connection screen briefly and then it disappears.  A new process is started on the Citrix server every time I…

  • Divide by zero in Explore

    Hi All,

       I want to setup a calculated field in explore that takes a package quantity UDF and divides the on-hand quantity by that to show the number of cases they have on hand.  The hitch is that not all of the items have a pack size and some items have…

  • Open credit memo invoice total is set to 0 after updating deposit amount

    I am using MAS 200 4.10.  I am creating credit memos in the SO module through a VI import job.  The credit memo has to be created first to get the value MAS generates for sales tax, and then updated with the deposit amount including tax through another…

  • Deleting an open credit memo invoice using a VI import job

    I am using MAS 200 4.10.  We are automating our RMA process, and currently are creating credit memos through a VI import job.  That is working fine.  Now I am expanding the function to include automating credits to customer credit cards.  The problem here…

  • I am trying to populate a UDF with the Gross Margin by line.

    I have created a script, and it does not seem to work. Do I put it under column validation, or some other mode. Here is the script.


    Set oLines = oBusObj.AsObject(oBusObj.Lines)


  • Will multiple SALES ORDER ENTRY Screen by one user .........

    slow down the performance of MAS200.  I have 3 sales agents who are running no less than 3 sales order entry screens.  I keep getting call the the system is running slow.

    4.4.08 version, any suggestion on how to identify performance issues?

    This system…

  • How do I clone MAS200 on a second server?

    My current MAS200 4.4.08 is running on a server that I need to upgrade, in order to move to the MAS 2014 version.  I like to clone the server and then point the work station to the cloned server.

    Server A (OLD)  IP, I used the IP address to…

  • RE: <Error: 0 in Method GetValue>


    Same problem here - SO and PO modules.

    Upgrading from Sage MAS 200 to MAS 100 2013

    Tried on XP, Windows 7 (cmd as 32-bit), Windows 2012 Server Standard (cmd as 32-bit)

    support.microsoft.com/.../896456   (%windir%\SysWoW64\cmd…

  • Sage 100 Version 2013 will not rebuild key files.

    I recently created a Sage 100 version 2013 test server and did a parallel migration from our production Sage 100 version 4.40 data.

    Sage support helped me out with an error I was getting at the very end of the migration and that fixed that problem.


  • How to determine which event is firing off a script

    I am looking for the code to determine the event that fired off a script.  Are there any methods to check to see if the event is post-read, pre-write, post write, pre delete, or post delete?

  • Strange Migration Error going from version 4.40 to SAGE 2013

    Parallel migrating data from Sage 100 ERP Advanced version 4.40 to Sage100  ERP Advanced version 2013...

    After several hours I get this error message:  Finalize failed with the following error:

    and the rest of the window is blank...no error or anything…

  • ErrorMessage: Input string was not in a correct format



    After I run a job it shows that all the inserts and updates were failed. Almost all the error message (which I could see in 'Transaction Errors') say that 'Input string was not in a correct format'.


    I want to know how can I get…

  • Getting current year, current month


    I am working on some query and part of the query needs me to select all the records from AR_CustomerSalesHistory table with FiscalYear equivalent to current year.
    I have tried these and some other combinations:

    SELECT *
    FROM AR_CustomerSalesHistory…

  • Complex Query


    I am new to the world of Sage ERP.

    I have designed this query and it works fine in SQL:

    SELECT o1.*, (

    Select isnull(SUM(D002_DollarsRented)+SUM(DollarsSold),0)
    FROM openquery(TESTSWRMAS, 'select * from AR_CustomerSalesHistory') o2

  • Adding field to SO_InvoiceWrk Crystal Report

    We have a number of customers who require their item# to print on the invoice and packing slip and I'm running into performance issues when trying to get a customized SO Invoice Print form to work.  I've added those customer specific item #s to the…

  • Uploading Journal Entries

    What would the best way to upload journal entries into Sage100?

  • V/I Import Date field Default - Can it be done?

    I want to import a table's date field with a RUN ASSIGN field that has the current date (or a formula would be better) as the default instead of a static date. So that the user can either accept the default current date or enter their own date. Does anyone…

  • Using General Ledger Exchange

    I have gone through the set up wizard for the General Ledger Exchange to import a journal entry from a CSV vile and got all of the way through to the GL Exchange window to import the file.  When I click on the Proceed file I get an error that says, "Source…