• Visual Integrator job to import employee rate changes.

    I have a CSV file with new employee pay rates for a couple hundred hourly employees.  Is it possible/advisable to import the new rates with a visual integrator job, and have the change appear on the "Pay Rate Change Report".


  • VI *.SQL Files Are Not Being Migrated To 2021

    I have seen two different upgrades affected by the *.SQL files under MAS90\VI failing to be migrated to the 2021 MAS90\VI folder during upgrades.

    Anyone else encountering this?

    The manual solution is to just copy them but I don't recall having to do this…

  • Sage 100 Standard 2020: How do I import a bank statement to Sage 100?

    Hi all, 

    I'm new to Sage 100 and trying to become more efficient at my job. I learned recently that it is possible to import a bank statement onto Sage 100 and automatically create invoice entries for them. After doing some preliminary research, there…

  • VI import for PO Receipt of Invoice


    I have created a VI job to import into PO Receipt of Invoice and encountered a problem with assigning the OrderLineKey from the original purchase order. I have it working if I manually provide the order line key in the import file but need to assign…

  • Work Ticket Entry – Import using Visual Integrator

    I am working on importing into Work Ticket Header in Sage 100 version 2020 Premium working with Production Management. I am trying to create the same action that occurs in the user interface of Work Ticket Entry in Production Management. In the UI of…

  • Journal entry uploads


    My company is currently importing journal entries to the General Journal Entry module by uploading a csv file through the General Ledger Exchange. I was wondering if there's a way to customize the settings so that Sage is the one assigning the journal…

  • Desktop Customization Import v2020

    Has anyone used the new v2020 feature under File, Desktop Utilities, Customization Import? I have an upgrade from 2017 to 2020 and have classic users on the 2017 version with shortcuts and the boxes to check for importing are blank. There doesn't seem…

  • Timeclock Plus

    We are talking with a potential client that uses Timeclock Plus. With their current payroll module, they are manually enter the time transactions from reports printed from Timeclock Plus. I called their rep and she told me that it would be an 8 to 16…

  • Import Shipping Batch

    I am using VI to Import an SO Invoice batch. The batch is automatically being created as an Invoice batch (batch type I). I need it to be a Shipping Batch (batch type S).  I don't see anywhere where that can be assigned in the import job. Other than DFDM…

  • Is it possible to export the security roles and user settings from any version of Sage but in particular from Sage Premium?

    I need to re-migrate system settings during go live after a long pilot testing period. Multiple changes have been made in the source version since the pilot began. I was wondering if I can export the security roles and user settings from the upgraded…

  • Is there a way of getting an archive to load?


    I am pretty new to Sage 100 and I am still getting up to speed. We had a server crash at the office. I was able to reload Sage 100 and restore from backup. My problem now is getting into the archives for previous years that I do not have backups…

  • Sage 100 ERP 2013: Remove price overrides for 10 specific customers at once in batch process?

    Hi everyone, 

    I'm using Sage 100 ERP 2013 and I'd like to remove the price overrides for about 10 specific customers. The customers have customer numbers that aren't sequential, but are scattered, in case that matters.

    I want to do this in…

  • Pass TEMP0001 to next VI Job in chain?

    On Sage 100 Advanced 2018, Most of my experience with VI has been rather basic, updating or adding customer accounts, but I also have written scripts to import to Repetitive Invoicing Entry and Cash Receipts. However that is using data that…

  • 2018 Import into Job Posting Entry - Error

    Having an issue with Cost Codes in an import into Job Posting Entry.  The cost codes, with "-", are longer than 9 characters, and I do have the Skip Source Data Transaction checked.  It still did not like the Cost Code, so I did a calculated field…

  • Importing AP Invoices into Sage 100

    I am work with VI to import AP invoices. One of the required Fields is the GL Account Key. I am looking for a way to look up the GL Account Key to be entered into the record for importing AP Invoices into Sage 100?

  • Visual Integrator Error: Unable to instantiate BO_BillOfLadingMargin_bus. Module P/R is Not on File

    Hello all,

    Need some help.  Hoping someone else has seen this before.  Trying to use a VI import on a table I haven't imported into before.  Asked if my Job_Name was a new VI job.  Hit Yes and... POOF.  Pop up error.

    Unable to instantiate BO_BillOfLadingMargin_bus…

  • Importing data from mas90 to sage 100

    I have a client his mas90 program crashed. He has a backup. Can i get the name of a company that can help me import the data into sage 100

  • "Missing or Invalid Header" when deleting Cash receipts entry batch.


    Today I had someone want to delete a batch that was entered into A/R cash receipts entry. When I try to delete it, a pop up box says "Missing or Invalid Header," and I am not allowed to delete the batch. I have seen this error before while importing…

  • Import conversions 2018

    Have upgraded a client who uses a spreadsheet to import payroll.  They have about 10 columns, so have about 10 linked payroll imports.  In the prior version, the Deductions were Yes'd on the last import (Regular pay), because it assumed everyone would have…

  • visual integrator conditional expression

    The original statement we have is as follows - Temp001$=“458” 

    I want to include "459". How should the formula look?

    Temp001$=“458, 459" 


    Temp001$=“458” or Temp001$=“459”

  • Importing manual checks into Sage 100 2018 payroll

    I'm trying to design a VI job to import manual payroll checks to assist with conversion from another payroll system. When I test it the log says all the records are importing successfully; however, when I actually try to import the data the header record…

  • selling price of items excl tax/ incl tax


    please i have a question, I created more than 4000 product with the parameterizable file, and I put the price in incl tax and the problem sage considers it as a price in excl tax and it adds VAT again.
    is there a way to define at once that the pro…

  • Concur Standard for 100 ERP Sample Upload

    Hi Everyone!

    We are going to be using Concur Standard to handle our company credit card expenses. The Concur rep told me to contact Sage and ask for a sample input file so she can customize our upload file to Sage's specification. I contacted Sage and…

  • Does anyone know how I might be able to modify the Last Updated date for inventory?

    We have a Sage Customer that manually inserted a qty of 1 for every inventory item for every warehouse.  I feel that the last updated date is not being updated to allow our interface to retrieve the information.  Any methods to update a lot of inventory…

  • VI Job HS Record Failure (All lines have not been distributed)

    I'm running into a problem with an import job from Excel where the VI Job passes in Test mode but not when executed.

    If there is more information needed please let me know and I will try to get it. Keep in mind that I was not fully trained in this…