• Work Order Traveler Printing Permissions

    I have a role that only prints blank work orders when ever WOT printing is processed.  Header detail of the crystal report appears but all fields and details are blank.

    Im holding the Role Maintenance of a working role side by side with the non-working…

  • Sage100 Crystal Report designer preview asking for a password

    I'm editing accounts payable checks in crystal reports.  I click on "View" and then "Preview".   It then has a popup that says OLE DB, and then has the following fields:

    Server: OURSERVER\SAGE100V2017
    User ID: Mas_Reports


  • Can't Add New Product Codes in Item Maintenance

    When we enter a new item code into "Item Maintenance," it used to create a new product in the system. However now when we enter a new product code, everything goes blank, but it says "NEW" right by the Description (as it would do before). Everything else…

  • Print Inventory Labels by Qty on Hand

    I need to be able to print Inventory Labels by the Qty on Hand amount. How can I do this?

  • Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance - Message not sending with emails

    So we finally set up our email feature and after some tweaking emails now send perfectly fine to our customers. Our issue is that in the EDMM module where we create a default email message, even though a message is saved when we send electronic invoices…

  • Purchase Orders

    I've noticed that if we fill in the Work order/sales order fields after creating a purchase order that when we then look at the item we just purchased it does not reflect in the Quantities section on the main tab that there is anything on a Purchase order…

  • Item Maintenance Fields-Tab 6

    I am having difficulty getting our items in item maintenance to show up on tab 6 under Sales Orders and Work orders appropriately.  Am I missing a setup somewhere to make this work for all items?  It works when we create a purchase order...

  • User Limit exceeded (no topic in base Knowledge)


    We just Update from sage 2013 to a 2016 Version, But now I am getting a message   " User Limit exceeded"  I did try the base knowledge but I could not fine any topic about this message.

    If you have any suggestion please let me know


  • The data login failed to open the connection. Details: Database Vendor Code 17

    Installed Sage 100 2016 on workstation that already has Sage 100 2013.  Sage 100 2016 is setup on a seperate server and database which it accesses just fine.  When I go to print a SO or PO I get this error 

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • how to import ship zone under shipping rate maintenance?

    how to import ship zone under shipping rate maintenance for Sage 100 V4.5

    Shipping Code already set "Actual" under Sales Order, item has it's own item weight, want to set up everything in the right place to do a calculation on freight for the sales order…

  • Setting up Remote Desktop users - searched but could not find

    I am setting up 4 users to remote into my server to access Sage Mas 100. I know there is a way to have them log in and have the program start automatically, but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone help? 
    See below image...i need help figuring out what…