• Payroll Direct Deposit Fee Change

    I am trying to find out if anyone uses SAGE 100 Payroll Direct Deposit (Isolved) for payroll?  

    If so did you encounter a change in fees your client's are paying?  

    We ran a payroll today and noticed an increase.

    Thank you so much for any information…

  • Tracking Deleted Sales Order w/SKU detail

    We have numerous SKUs with a reorder point of 0 and most are treated as special order product.  We often find that special ordered material arrives from the vendor only to find out the customer cancelled, the SO was deleted and no way to look back at transaction…

  • Change On-Hand quantity in multi bin location

    Can anyone please help me in editing the on-hand quantity for this location in sage.

    Tried editing it from Item Inquiry but it is not working.

  • Updating Item Cost Quote/Sales Order

    Is there an option to automatically update all items on an old quote with the most recent cost (last cost) before converting to a sales order.  Currently our sales team is deleting and re-adding all items that have an updated cost.

  • Multiple Ach batch files being written into interface

    Hello All,

    When completing an ACH run, I am seeing 2 ACH batches being written into interface when generating an ACH file.. I am wondering why it is 2 batches instead of 1. I am being charged by the bank on a per batch basis and wondering if 2 batches…

  • Edit Sales Rep on Invoice Sage 100 (MAS90)

    I would like to change the sales rep assigned to an invoice. I see that the field is open if I go in through AR/Invoice Data Entry/Adjustment (similar to making a due date change)  It doesn't appear to actually change the sales rep assignment. Has anyone…

  • Physical Count Situation

  • Auto Generate PO from SO

    Is there a catch to selecting the "Use Back Ordered Quantity" on the selection screen?  I would think this would populate the PO with the BO quantities on the SO correct?  I am populating the Back Order qty while the SO is still a Standard Order…

  • Error 36 In Physical Count

    I am trying to take a physical count of a few new items I recently imported through VI, not sure why I am getting this error, items seem pretty basic.  Don't see any other instances of the same error in the forums.

  • oShipLines.nCopyLinesFromSalesOrder(soOrder) is copying an extra line

    Hi Forum,

    I am using .nCopyLinesFromSalesOrder(soOrder) to bring in all lines from the Sales Order into Shipping Invoice data entry and every order I import is duplicating the lines.

    Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.



  • Receipt of Goods

    I have a quick question to see if any of you have a fix.  We have a receipt done, that invoiced but put the entire receipt in back order status.  How do we get the purchase orders out of back order status?  We have ran a Purchases Clearing Report and the…

  • Updating BOM Cost Amounts

    I am new to Sage and in over my head as our former controller left without any transition.  I would like to update the Labor and Overhead rates in our BOM module.  We have about 400 products that have varying cost components, but all have labor and overhead…

  • How to record a wire transfer in AR

    How do you record a wire transfer from a customer in AR?  In AP there is the selection drop down for Wire Transfer, but not in AR.  I read if we use ACH/Credit Card, it doesn't post to BR.  So do we use Cash and if so, how/where do we enter the long…

  • Invoice total displaying as zero

    The total is displaying as zero in Invoice Data entry

    I've written the script for the extension amount as follows. Can you pls clarify which column should be used to store the total?

  • Invoices not showing in customer maintenance

    Hi Team, 

    Can someone kindly help me with displaying the invoices in the customer maintenance section? 

    It appears in the data entry for invoices but not in the section for customer maintenance.

  • | Sage CRM working with Sage 100 | Watch our recent Summit videos to learn more |

    We've wrapped up "Talking CRM 2022" - our virtual Summit - for another year.

    There are a few presentations about integrations and add-ons for Sage 50, Sage 100 & Sage 300 which may be of interest to this community. All sessions are now…

  • Sage 100: Announcing Sage 100 2020.4 - 2020.6 Program Fix LM6029T

    This fix adds a prompt for auto logoff that will allow the user to continue working in Sage 100 and reset the logoff timer.

    Download Sage 100 2020.4 - 2020.6 Program Fix LM6029T

  • PO Clearing


    What is the best way to handle vendor credits when it involves return of goods? 

    We have an issue with PO clearing when items are received, invoices paid, then items are returned.  The credits are not being processed through PO, which is leaving…

  • Move a pre payment to a different customer account.

    We had a customer who made a prepayment for an order. I posted the prepayment in cash receipts entry and that all went fine.

    My issue is that the customer asked to change the account the order is under, this was after the prepayment was already posted…

  • copy and paste sale order entry field


    From time to time when coping then pasting a S/O # in the S/O entry field a user will receive an error message stating S/O doesn't exist. However it its typed the S/O will display.. 

    Does anyone know why this happens??


  • How to clear OCIP cost

    What is the best way to clear OCIP/CCIP costs?  I have received retention less OCIP charges.  This is the amount showing as an open amount in the Net Due in A/R invoices grid.

  • Sage year end for 2022

    Any idea when information will be posted for year end 2022?

  • Unapplied Cash

    Hello again,

    How do we put unapplied cash on a customer's account?


  • Multiple users in cash receipts


    Can two people be in cash receipts at the same time?


  • Journal Entires


    Sage 100...

    Why can't multiple people do journal entries at the same time or why can't we run any reports if someone is in the processing of posting a journal entry