• Visual Integrator - Export Job - Error 12

    Running Sage 100c 2018

    I had a job get stuck and attempted to unlock.  In doing so, it now gives me the error that a file could not be found and an error #12


    Is this an easy fix?



  • Sales Order > Explore> Sales Order View

    I have 2 users with the same permissions but one gets data and the other gets nothing back when opening the Sales Order View screen.  Is there some permission or setting I am forgetting about that turns on the Explore screens in the SO Module?

  • customer pricing best practices for many customers

    We have many customers that require we treat their various ship tos as bill to's. So, despite the customer locations having a common owner, the billing and account maintenance of each location must be treated as it's own entity. Since MAS90 (sage 100c…

  • Unable to create or copy company in Sage 100 Premium version 2018. Databases are not added and 42000 Modify File Failed errors occur

    Good evening.

    I have tried to create new companies and activate them in Sage 100 Premium.

    Currently creating a new company does not add a new database.

    Attempting to activate the company also fails

    Attempting to copy a company to a new company also fails…

  • Rebuild Key Files - Strange Issue?


    We're in the process of upgrading our ancient Sage 4.50 to Sage 2018. Ran into a strange issue with regards to rebuilding the key files prior to migration.

    All the files were able to be rebuilt and optimized without any issue except for…

  • Upgraded Sage 100 2015 to 100 2018 Advanced

    Hi Super Heroes,

    1.  we used TCP 9500 as the port id, and it is working fine after we disabled the firewall for domain users.  What other ports do we need to open other than the 9500, because after i opened 9500 inbound and outbound, server pop up with…

  • Access 2016 ODBC / Sage Issue

    Hello.  We are having a bizarre issue with Microsoft Office 2016 and an ODBC connection to Sage 100 Advanced 2018 ERP.  We use a system DSN to connect to Sage from Access to run queries and reports not available in Sage and have been doing this for years…

  • Has anyone out there in the real world installed Sage 100 2018 on a Windows Server 2016 Datacenter?

    I notice that all 3 systems; Standard, Advanced and Premium; have on their SPMs the following text:

    "Sage 100 and SageCRM Suite were not designed for any version of Windows Datacenter Server and are not supported on this platform."

    This is going…

  • Time Track punch in punch out in 2018 displaying as decimal instead of hours/mins but only sometimes?

    See the picture below.   Note the punch out time showing as 16.60.

    The employee who noticed it indicates she punched out at 5:00 PM.

    If you take the 16 to be 4 PM and add 60 minutes, that would be 5 PM.

    Actual calculated elapsed time is correct for 5 PM…

  • Changing employee status from terminated or inactive back to active

    Client that I updated to 2018.4 late last week is noticing that they cannot seem to reactivate an employee that has not worked for about two years.   Seems like there are some that can be reactivated but others that cannot?   We have so far not been able…

  • Sage 2018 Payroll Compensation Tax Rule for HSA in California?

    We are working on upgrading from Sage 2016 to Sage 2018 but need to solve a problem before we upgrade.  Our company gives each employee who selects the HSA qualifying health plan a non-cash fringe of $75 for their HSA.  This is an "in and out" item in payroll…

  • Error 20 Syntax Error on quick print of s/o trying to go to print window

    Converted sage 100 from 2016 to 2018.  In 1 of 4 companies (of course the main company), quick print from sales order gives err 20 pointing to line 122 cm_uiscript.link. Last file is sy\sy_reportsetting.m4T.      so_salesorderquickprint_ui.pvc

    If I check…

  • Blank/ Missing fields on form

    Just upgraded to 2018.  All forms converted fine except pick ticket.  Blank lines and header .  Just "Bill Line 1, Bill line 2" etc. print. and comment in footer

    I remember this from years ago but forget what fixed it.  ANy help??

  • Billing Methods for Jobs

    Using Sage 100c 2018 with Job Cost:

    What is the best way to invoice/bill for Jobs (through AR/SO/orJC), and what are the advantages or limitations of each method especially as they relate to WIP reporting?

    We use Milestone Billing (X% at time of order…

  • Paperless office wrong contents in emailed pdf's

    Just as the subject says, I have run in to an instance where a sage 100 install is emailing the wrong contents in pdf's to customers. Previously fixed, but the issue keeps coming back. 
    So far, I have had several support tickets about the issue. Thought…

  • Error when converting to SAGE 2018 and Payroll 2.0

    I was able to migrate the data.

    When I am converting the data (toward the end I think) I get the following:

    The following conversion record failed while converting 314: - Error #11: Record not found…

  • Module Activation and Setup

    I recently had a situation while upgrading a client to Sage 2018 where the Payroll module had been activated but not setup. This prevented sage from properly converting the company after migration. Is there a task or utility that would list modules that…

  • Possible bug in 2018 payroll interface with the bank reconciliation module? Can anyone else confirm?

    Working on bank reconciliation and could not get it to work.   Out of balance and rebuild sort files does not help.   Calculated balance is exactly 2x off from the general ledger for the only payroll checks I have run so far.

    It appears the checks are being…

  • Sage 100 2018 - payroll checks - crystal reports - how do they do it?

    This isn't really a problem but a curiosity and a kudo to whoever figured this out.

    Just went in to update the customizations on payroll checks and noticed that the design looks entirely different under 2018 (I like it!).

    Previously payroll checks…

  • Sage 100 2018 - Mobility Module installation

    Anyone else experimented yet with the new Mobility Remote Module?

    Tried to install it and it gets to a point where it ask is this the right information for connecting (Yes or No).   However nothing happens no matter which button you click.  Can't even hit…

  • Work Order Module Compatibility

    Hi all,

    We're still on SAGE 2014, primarily because of our ERP team saying that the work order module that we have isn't compatible with newer versions up to and including 2018.

    Work order is a top priority for us now. 

    However. SAGE has ended mainstream…