• Sage 100c 2021.2 update failing

    I'm trying to install the update on top of my 2021.1 installation (test environment). I have restarted and tried running as domain admin, all still fails. There is no error description and I don't see anything in the event viewer. IT seems to be failing…

  • Sage 100 2021.1 slow module opening

    The slow performance within a module that I complained about last month seems to be cured by rebuilding the search index, but performance when opening a screen (eg. item inquiry) is quite a bit slower than 2018. (old thread: https://www.sagecity.com/support_communities…

  • How to create invoice in Sage 100 using object matrix c# , if you don't manage stock


    Greetings !!!

    I want c # sample code through which i can create invoice entry through object matrix dll for sage 100

  • Slow Performance

    I upgraded our company to a new file server (windows server 2019) and Sage 100 Standard 2020 from server 2012 and Sage 100 2017.  The performance of sage 2020 on server 2019 to clients is horrible.  Sage hangs constantly and takes forever to process batches…

  • customer pricing best practices for many customers

    We have many customers that require we treat their various ship tos as bill to's. So, despite the customer locations having a common owner, the billing and account maintenance of each location must be treated as it's own entity. Since MAS90 (sage 100c…

  • Sage 100c internet access

    Have a situation where internet access is null to extremely limited. Can Sage 100c function without the internet if it's an on premise install? I see that 100c may require internet for licensing but can't find anything else on the topic.

  • Switching to Sage 100c from Sage 100

    My company decided to go with the subscription pricing model at the last renewal.  I have a ton of questions about the switch.  Is there any documentation on switching from Sage 100 to 100c? 

    • What do I do with the Unlocking and Activation Keys?
    • What impact…
  • 100 perpetual change to 100c vs. version upgrade

    We are currently running Sage 100 v. 2013 perpetual license.  We renewed our contract and changed to 100c as we eventually want to upgrade to premium.  We also want to upgrade to 2018, but we have a lot of customization, so we want to don't want to make…

  • What does Commit Check Clear Utility actually do?

    I recently found a discrepancy in values between the quantities tab and the cost detail tab within Item inquiry on a few items.

    After researching in the Knowledge Base, I came across the following steps to clear out the issue:

    1. Update all transactions…
  • Business Desktop has already been started for this workstation every time we start Sage 100 2018

    We have been using Sage since 2012; we started with MAS90 4.5.  Starting with Sage 100c 2018 it seems that a pvxwin32 is left running on the workstation and on the server for every session we start.  Every morning when we open the Launcher we get told that…

  • Customers disappearing from Sage 100c

    We are running Sage 100C, 2016 Premium.   We have just noticed that customers are disappearing from Sage 100.  Their customer numbers are gone in Sage 100, but we can still see the customer number in Sage CRM.   We aren't sure exactly when this started to…

  • The element 'WorkOrderAddRq' has invalid child element

    Complete Error Message 

    <api:MBXML statusCode="10601" statusMessage="Schema Validation failed (The element 'WorkOrderAddRq' has invalid child element 'PurchaseOrderNumber'. List of possible elements expected: 'DispatchTime, ScheduledDate'.)" statusSeverity…

  • allocated tips question

    Is it legal to "back in" to a dollar amount for a servers shortfall when using the Gross Receipts Method of determining allocated tips.

  • oScript.Execute


    I am trying to find any doc on "oScript.Execute", i am facing an issue
    i want to call a 3rd party app and want the script to wait till the exe completes its execution.


  • VI import

    how to export out of sage 100c to excel spreadsheet

  • Extended Stub..unwanted double sided printing


    we just got a new printer and it's wreaking all kinds of havoc. ;)

    We now have the global default setting for the printer to print single sided pages. The problem is that it still is printing our extended check stubs double sided. This leaves…

  • Deleting inactive vendors with outstanding checks from long ago (Sage 100c 2016)


    I am hoping to delete several hundred  inactive vendors that show "outstanding checks" even though the checks are officially cleared. Either bank rec was not being used 4 years ago or Sage changed something and only the last 4 years of checks show as…

  • Purchase Orders

    I've noticed that if we fill in the Work order/sales order fields after creating a purchase order that when we then look at the item we just purchased it does not reflect in the Quantities section on the main tab that there is anything on a Purchase order…

  • Item Maintenance Fields-Tab 6

    I am having difficulty getting our items in item maintenance to show up on tab 6 under Sales Orders and Work orders appropriately.  Am I missing a setup somewhere to make this work for all items?  It works when we create a purchase order...

  • Can you add public items to Favorites using the Standard Desktop in Sage 2017C?

    Can you add public items to Favorites using the Standard Desktop in Sage 2017C?  According to the help documention Items added to the Favorites group are saved locally based on the Windows user name and password used to log onto the workstation.

    In the…

  • Creating a Crystal Report for SO Form Code in Sage 100C Advanced 2017. Cannot find a specific field in the database options.

    I am specifically looking for the field for the SO line items comments on the lines tab of the Sales Order Invoice screen. We print a pack-list form code and would like to be able to include comments from each line. I have tried all the fields in Crystal…

  • Account Detail made Quicker

    It sure would be nice if Sage made it, so when we needed the detail to an account on the current financial statement, all we would have to do is "Double Click" on that account and the detail would be right there on our screen.  Right now we have…

  • CITRIX printing delays - Sage 100-C


    We recently upgraded our Sage 100 ERP software to the SQL based version, Sage 100 2017-C.  We also upgraded to the cloud and using Citrix through Microsoft Azure.  We went Live about 2 months ago and printing has been a continuous issue.

    For example…

  • What's the latest build of SQL Server that you're safely using with Sage 100 Premium?

    Hi all!

    Just curious what your experiences are because Sage doesn't officially validate individual SQL Server builds with Sage 100 Premium.

    If you can supply the version of Sage 100 Premium (e.g., 2017) and the SQL Server build # (e.g., 12.00.554…

  • VI Import Job: BM-BillHeader Comment Issues


    We're very new to Sage 100 and are currently in the middle of our data migration phase, moving over from another ERP system. In looking at importing our BOM's, we're running into two issues with the comment line data:

    1. We use a number of…