• How Avalara Calculates Sales Tax

    I have invoices that have the tax schedule on the header tab as NONTAX ​ and the ship to location code (tab 2) has AVATAX as the tax schedule.  No tax is calculated.  If I change the header tab tax schedule to AVATAX then tax gets calculated.  Shouldn't…

  • Sage 2016 to 2020 extension remove before?

    Hello. We are upgrading someone from sage 2016 advanced to 2020 advanced. During this process they will be transitioning from scanco to ScanForce. Would you think it necessary to uninstall scanco from the 2016 install before we migrate to 2020 which is…

  • customer pricing best practices for many customers

    We have many customers that require we treat their various ship tos as bill to's. So, despite the customer locations having a common owner, the billing and account maintenance of each location must be treated as it's own entity. Since MAS90 (sage 100c…

  • Importing data from mas90 to sage 100

    I have a client his mas90 program crashed. He has a backup. Can i get the name of a company that can help me import the data into sage 100

  • Upgrading from 2014 to 2018. Test Server Produces error starting workstation. "Unable to create Session Object"

    Hello Everyone, I am doing a test upgrade from 2014 Premium to 2018 Premium.  I thought everything was good up until I tried to launch the workstation on my test server.  Here's my upgrade process:

    1.  Copy Production Server in VMware Environment (Test…

  • manuell structure database


    Please someone can help me ; i need a manuell of structure database SAGE 100 ;


  • SDK/BOI to Integrate with Sage 100

    hi, I am new to Sage 100. Our company bought Sage100 2018 and installed on our windows server. Right now, my goal is to use .net/java/python/php or any other codes to integrate with Sage 100.

    I found one link mentioned (Sage Evolution SDKhttp://developmentzone…

  • Permissions working as intended?


    Our accounting department was trying to limit who has access to Vendor Maintenance, and instructed me to remove permissions for all users except for a select few. Unfortunately, when one user was trying to use "Receipt of Invoice Entry," and then…

  • Has anyone out there in the real world installed Sage 100 2018 on a Windows Server 2016 Datacenter?

    I notice that all 3 systems; Standard, Advanced and Premium; have on their SPMs the following text:

    "Sage 100 and SageCRM Suite were not designed for any version of Windows Datacenter Server and are not supported on this platform."

    This is going…

  • "SendAsDeniedException" when trying to send emails since moving to Office 365

    Have a client who was emailing SO Orders and Invoices with no problem when they hosted their own Exchange Server. Recently moved to a cloud based Office 365 solution and now when they try to send a test email or a Form they get, "SendAsDeniedException…

  • Errors were written to the SQL Translation Log while converting the MAS_XXX data to SQL

    Good morning.  During the refresh of an upgrade from 2017 Standard to 2018 Premium, the system activity log shows the following messages for each company that was converted.

    XXX Company data conversion to version started

    XXX Company data conversion…

  • Sage 100 Paperless PDF of AR & SO Invoices prints Blank (All White with no data) for Plain Invoice form and like a Photo Negative for Customized Marbled form after Adobe DC update to 2019 version

    This problem has been driving me crazy for the past 2 days.  Have a client who PDF's & electronically delivers AR & SO Invoices.  They are on 2014 PU 4 Premium version of Sage.

    They have been using the same customized form codes in both AR & SO…

  • Sage 100 and Office 365 "From" Address Issues

    Our Paperless Office is configured to email via Office 365 and it works.  However, we are encountering a shortcoming.

    In Company Maintenance we have entered a User ID of (for example) [email protected] and Password abc123.

    The above configuration works…

  • Work table selection criteria


    Is it possible for change the work table selection criteria? Because I have modified on of the canned report and in the modified version I would like to eliminate some of the customers. Any advise/help  as how to achieve that?

    Thank you.

  • Where is the field "Process in Batch" ?

    Hi All,

      Have a client that has a large number of orders where they want to set the Process In Batch flag.  For the life of me I can't figure out were it is.  Does anyone know if this is possible?

  • Sage 100 ERP 2016 - BI Generator Addin - Excel 2016 Crash - HP Laptop - Ultraslim Docking Station

    So I have a user with the following setup:

         HP Elitebook 840 G4 Laptop

              Windows 10 Pro (1709)

         HP UltraSlim Docking Station (D9Y32UT)

              2 External monitors plugged into the dock

         Microsoft Excel 2016 (32-bit) (O365)

              Sage BI Generator Add…

  • Your Operating System Is Not Supported With Sage 100 Advanced

    Not Supported

    Uh, what the heck, guys?


  • How to you link the SY_RoleSecurity table to the SY_Tasks table

    I need to link these 2 tables in order to see a report of user roles and related tasks. But there doesn't seem to be a clear link. The SY_RoleSecurity table has key field called TaskKey which ha values of 9 characters, whereas the SY_Tasks table has a…

  • M9-SO-1099 'On Demand' Sales Order Fill Report


    We are running an older release of Sage 100 (4.50.40) and we have a third party extended solution called M9-SO-1099 'On Demand' Sales Order Fill Report which was provided by Blytheco.

    The manual for the add-on is here.

  • Using 64-bit ODBC with 64-bit Excel - Unable to access view tables

    We have a customer that uses view tables created to optimize queries run in MS Query.  These queries run in 32-bit ODBC and 32-bit Excel, but do not run with the 64-bit versions of the same.  All other tables aside from view tables are able to be accessed…

  • Build search index for Sage 100c users...

    Can I delete the index?

    The client wants to use the auto-complete feature, but they do not like the way it works after building the search index.

  • Credit card import

    Hi, I have a problem with importing customer credit card. I am using VI Import Maintenance to import data to sage via ODBC. My problem is when I run the credit card import job manually by clicking the cmd file or by running the import job from the visual…

  • Multiple companies and multiple Sage instances

    Is it possible for a single license of Sage 100 to allow for multiple installations of Sage Server?

    Currently my UK-based company accesses and transacts in Sage 100 via remote desktop as the US-based parent company is the license holder and the Sage server…

  • The element 'WorkOrderAddRq' has invalid child element

    Complete Error Message 

    <api:MBXML statusCode="10601" statusMessage="Schema Validation failed (The element 'WorkOrderAddRq' has invalid child element 'PurchaseOrderNumber'. List of possible elements expected: 'DispatchTime, ScheduledDate'.)" statusSeverity…

  • SAGE 100 error on startup.

    not sure what happened but started up sage this morning and received an error

    Sage 100 Standard 2017  Version

    The object PvxDax.PvxDictionary could not be initialized 

    any idea how i can get this fixed?  should i uninstall sage and reinstall…