• "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver] Internal Error"

    This is happening with a single table MS Query in Excel 64-Bit when accessing large individual I/M and P/R files and continues after rebuilding them (Ex. IM_ItemTransactionHistory) . I reviewed the other thread on this error, but nothing applies other…

  • MAS200 Version 4.40 Export to Excel in Vendor Inquiry (and others) grayed out or unavailable

    We are running an old version of MAS200, version 4.40.  I had to upgrade my laptop due to it's untimely death.  I am currently on Windows 10, Office 2019 (32-bit).  For some reason, the Export to Excel button that was available on my old laptop is "grayed…

  • Cannot get an Excel query to return updated information

    Using Sage 100 ERP v2017. I am trying to run a very basic MS Excel query in order to build a database for our new website. Literally, all I am trying to get is the product part number, description and the name of the item image. My query is as follows…

  • No longer able to Import Data into Excel

    Across our network users have previously been able to run the data query as explained in the Sage article


  • VI Job HS Record Failure (All lines have not been distributed)

    I'm running into a problem with an import job from Excel where the VI Job passes in Test mode but not when executed.

    If there is more information needed please let me know and I will try to get it. Keep in mind that I was not fully trained in this…

  • "index was outside the bounds array" error

    i got this error when i was trying to import from sage to excel

    "index was outside the bounds array"

    any help?


  • Still Having VI Importing Issue


    I am still having an issue with imported product item numbers being skipped.  I do not know what could be causing this as I have successfully imported 250,000+ items with the same number scenarios.  Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how was…

  • Import to Sales Order

    We are on 2013 version We would like to be able to import sales order from an excel workbook. Is this possible? If so, can someone explain?

  • VI question with regard to PO by WO

    Which table can I use in VI to pull a report of PO by WO that will include the PO#, WO#, Item #, Item Description, Inv #, Inv Date, Inv amt per line, Sales tax and whether the sales tax was overriden?

    I have tried a few tables, and one had the majority…