• VI job into AP_ManualCheckHeader Sage 100 2018

    Why is this popping up...HELP!!!!  THANKS

  • VI Import of A/P Invoices using AP Expense Distribution Table

    Our client has a system in place that kicks out a dept code.  This department code has been directly linked to a G/L account by utilizing the AP Expense Distribution Table (Code 5 on the Distribution Table is equivalent to the G/L account we want to import…

  • Combining Companies in MAS

    I need to take 2 different companies in MAS and combine them in to one database (make them one company).   Is there an easy way to do this?   Do i use  Visual Integrator?   If so, do i have to do each database one by one?

    Thank you for your help.

  • VI import of new Inventory Items

    Using 4.4, I was successful in importing new Inventory Items using VI, except it would not accept the VendorNo:

                    "Missing vendor number in the AP Vendor Masterfile table"

    The vendor does exist in AP and I even created a record in IM_…