• Sage 100 Advanced "Find File" Default Location

    Hello everyone,

    Kind of a random question I was hoping the community knew the answer to. We have a user working in the "Vendor Maintenance" section of Sage. She creates memos for invoices and attaches images to them as she creates them. Normally when…

  • Azure migration from MSP hosted 2019 VM

    Currently we have an MSP host a Server2019 VM where anywhere from 15-20 people log in to access Sage 100. I am looking to migrate it over to an Azure Instance. Are there any recommended instance types or configuration resources I can read into?


  • Sage 100 2021 Workstation won't allow swapping to classic view


    On a new install on a laptop, the Sage 100 2021 workstation will not allow the swap to classic view. Not entirely sure what I am missing, but we don't have this problem with any other computer.

    Typically, we would do this by going to the Launch32…

  • Cannot resize sage windows

    After an upgrade from v2017 Advanced to v2021 users cannot resize their sage windows. They attempt to and it appears like its working but it snaps right back to original size. We tried changing the screen resolution but that didn't work. Open to any suggestions…

  • Does Sage 100 2020 require MSXML 4.0?

    MSXML 4.0 had been installed on the server at some point during installation of Sage 100 2017. Does it still need to be installed after upgrading to Sage 100 2020? The issue is that the version is no longer supported and is a security risk.

  • Is it just me being haunted by Paperless Error -30 and -40? Happening even on current releases

    For customers who are on v2021 these paperless office type error messages continue to appear. It is most noticeable/problematic for any user where they are not a local administrator on their computer as that requires we pull in IT resources. 

    I suggest…

  • Sales Order Entry --> Customer Maintenance --> Paperless Office Settings Issue. No accept button.

    Using 100c Premium.  Having an issue where if a user accesses customer maintenance from the SO entry screen (either by customer number hyperlink or the 'customer' button in top right), then attempts to modify the customer's paperless office settings…

  • Increase Item Code Length

    Is there any way to increase the number of allowed characters for and Item Code in Inventory Management?

  • What can corrupt the Sage 100 folder

    I have a client that connects to Sage 2020STD remotely using an iPad, also a LapTop, which has a smaller screen resolution.

    It's seems those connections corrupt the Documents\Sage 100 folder.  The next time she logs into Sage, nothing happens afte…

  • Has anyone noticed the "Open with secondary company" not working in 2021 on an External Monitor.

    The right-click menu shows up, but it can't be resized and the "Secondary Company (XXX)" selection cannot be selected because the pop-up window is too small and the arrow won't stop there. Setup: Dell Vostro 7500 laptop with an HP V24i…

  • What CRM User to use during Sage Premium setup?

    During the Sage Premium setup, it asked for a SageCRM user and I have always used the sa user with no issues.  Can I set up a different user and what rights does that new user need to have to work properly? Are there written instructions to do this?

  • Sage 100 Application Server Startup

    Within the application server startup, what method or argument can be used to have Sage 100 application server "Start" when it launches. 

  • eInvoice Email Template Design?

    Does anyone know exactly what site you can modify the eInvoice email template?  I wasn't able to locate it at 


    and was wondering if there is a separate site I should be visiting.  Thanks!

  • VI Job to Update Auto-LogOff for users

    We want to efficiently set all but a few users to have their AutoLogoff set to "Y" and have a 60 minute Inactivity Timer. So I'm trying to run a VI Job to update the SY_User table to update the following fields: AutoLogoff, InactivityTime and UserKey…

  • Restricting system date in January...Sage allows me to use December 2021 date in January 2021


    Even though our settings say to "Restrict Accounting date to current and one future Period," I am able to set our system-wide date to 12/31/21 in January of 2021.  I am able to enter and update invoices in that future date. I do NOT want…

  • Sage 100 - Terminal Server Group Policy-Printers

    I haven't had a chance to try this myself, so thought I would ask.

    Sage normally loads printers during application startup.

    If we have printer resources defined, and those policies deny/allow the printer resources based on user credentials, does Sage…

  • Is it possible to export the security roles and user settings from any version of Sage but in particular from Sage Premium?

    I need to re-migrate system settings during go live after a long pilot testing period. Multiple changes have been made in the source version since the pilot began. I was wondering if I can export the security roles and user settings from the upgraded…

  • Update Order Class Picklsit under Purchase Order

    Hello, i am now the default the admin for Sage for my company (I am a Salesforce Analyst by Profession), and I am just learning Sage Admin as issues or requests come up. I am not sure if this is the right group to ask, but overall in Sage if I want to…

  • Turn off Query Login Prompts

    Every time I refresh a Microsoft Query I am prompted to enter Sage login credentials twice. Can I turn this off?

  • Paperless Office emailing reports only works if email server info is entered for ALL companies...

    I entered the email server settings in Company Maintenance - Email tab and selected the default option for all companies.

    Trying to email reports via Paperless Office.  Report email successfully for the default email company.

    I'm getting error messages…

  • Sales Order > Explore> Sales Order View

    I have 2 users with the same permissions but one gets data and the other gets nothing back when opening the Sales Order View screen.  Is there some permission or setting I am forgetting about that turns on the Explore screens in the SO Module?

  • General Ledger Account Structure Problem


    I am currently creating a new database in Sage 100 but stuck on the General Ledger Account Structure

    where it is not allowing me to choose between Standard and Segmented accounts type.

    The option for segmented does not appear although am registered…

  • International Employees

    We are currently migrating from Sage 100 2016 to Sage 100 2019 (PR 2.x).
    We have an International employee that in the 2016 version we would just put a dummy State code (we used IT) to not calculate or report taxes to any state.
    At the end of the year…

  • Using Windows Authentication when Active Directory is in a different server

    We Currently have Sage 100 running on a Windows Server 2012 R2, which is also the network's Domain Controller. Everyone uses Windows Authentication to login.

    We are soon going to add a bigger and faster server running Windows Server 2019. Everything…

  • Default Form Codes

    Sage 100 2014

    How can a print form code become the default.

    Example, we have two form codes for printing checks, we want one to always be the default, rather than having to

    the one we want.