• Basic Authentication with SMTP - any workarounds for Sage100 v2018 users?

    Has anyone found a workaround for the Microsoft and Google authentication changes?  We have Sage 100 v2018 and it looks like we will be forced to upgrade.

  • Sage - Aatrix Demo mode - unable to activate

    Is this why we cannot use Aatrix today.  All was just fine yesterday and our payroll contract is valid until 12/31/2022.  Does anyone have any information to share?

  • Sage 100 Premium error, login failed for user MAS_User when printing any report

    Just did a fresh install of Sage 100 2021 Premium.  When printing any report, getting error 15 SY_REPORTCOMMON.PVC 1877.  O/S Error 28000 [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0] Login failed for user "MAS_User".  Verified the password is correct…

  • Sage 2021 PU2, PR 2.21.3 Upgrade - Have to re-add Payroll Custom Reports with PII Wrk table from 2018/2019?

    Howdy - I have had 3 separate upgrades where the client is upgrading from 2018/2019 with fairly recent Payroll updates (2.21.1 and greater) to Sage 2021 PU2 with PR 2.21.3, and after data conversion, if they have any Payroll custom reports from the previous…

  • "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver] Internal Error"

    This is happening with a single table MS Query in Excel 64-Bit when accessing large individual I/M and P/R files and continues after rebuilding them (Ex. IM_ItemTransactionHistory) . I reviewed the other thread on this error, but nothing applies other…

  • pdf not created correctly

    We have one workstation where we get this message on some companies but not on all companies, some companies work fine.  Any ideas?

  • Sage PDF Viewer (Converter) will not work with Acrobat DC

    All of a sudden, when I try to view a PDF like an  S/O invoice it will not open in Acrobat DC.  If I change the default PDF viewer to Soda PDF it opens fine.  I have uninstalled the converter and re-installed it, but same results.  other machines work fine…

  • SY_ReportSetting no long has WorkstationName field version 2020

    What happened to field 20 WorkstationName -- it is in the File Layouts but not in DFDM.


  • Can you print a shipping label from sales order entry

    How can I print a label from Sales Order Entry with the ship to address?  Thanks for any help.

  • Custom Payroll Reports do not work after upgrading form 2018-2020 std

    There are 19 Custom PR reports. Most fail with error 88 line 705 which has you check for enhancements -

    Followed those steps to determine it is not the enhancement.  Problem is in connecting to old SOTAMAS90 KB 104971

    Sage suggests rewriting the reports…

  • Sage and Gmail?

    Hi everyone,

    Im having some really odd behavior and Im looking for a bit of help.

    So after using the official Sage documentation on how to configure gmail and sage, it would appear that the email client is only sending 50/51 messages at a time in a batch…

  • No A/P Month End Reports Found

    We're running the A/P month end process for the first time.  However, there are no period end reports listed in the Period End Report Selection. 

    These are the reports I expect to see listed

    How do I get the A/P period end reports to list in the new…

  • Sage PDF Converter vs Sage 100 PDF Converter? Sage 100 ERP 2013

    I'm using Sage 100 ERP 2013 and I have both "Sage PDF Converter" and "Sage 100 PDF Converter" installed as printers.

    Do I need both?

    Is this causing any issues? There have been some issues with Paperless - "Printer not activated…

  • Sage 100 2018 Check Printing Freezes


    I was wondering if anyone has encountered an issue in Sage 100 Advanced 2018. When a check is being printed through the manual check module, when the print button is pressed the module freezes. The only way to shut the module down is go through task…

  • Sage 100 ERP 2013 - Printer not activated, error code -30


    At my company, I'm seeing an odd error for just one user - we're all using the same server through thin clients - rather than individual computers.

    "Printer not activated, error code -30"

    This has just surfaced and I'm unsure…

  • Unable to print to Paperless Office after update

    I just ran the lasted release for Sage 100cloud Standard 2019 and my Paperless Office has stopped working.  It wants me to provide Output File Name. I have tried deleting the Sage PDF Convertor and the Amyuni drivers and reloaded the Convertor.  I have…

  • Can't find fields needed to recreate a PR report.

    I have a report from v2017 that utilizes the table PR4_EmployeeEarningDeduction.  The documentation says that in v2019 the equivalent table name is PR_EmployeeDeduction.  The problem is that the new table doesn't seem to include earning information, and does…

  • In Paperless Journal & Register Viewer, what does the "Updated" designation "X" mean?

    v2019.3.  The help files only describe Y & N.

  • PR_EmployeeDocuments table is encrypted and can't access fields in Crystal Report

    v2019 Adv.  Customer would like a Crystal report showing what email address is set up in Employee Maintenance/Paperless for Electronic Delivery.  It may/may not be the same as the Email that is on the Employee Header.  The PR_EmployeeDocuments.m4t is an…

  • Is there a way to find which custom report is linked to which Crystal Reports file?

    I'm looking to clean up custom reports before migrating from 2017 to 2020. Is there a report or database I can look at to see which custom reports link to which Crystal Reports files? Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Error code 30 PDF Terminal Server

    We continue to get "error code 30 printer not activated" on a terminal server 2018, WIN 10. We have manually installed the PDF converter with all boxes checked, and ran Regedit on HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software. We've turned off UAC and all users have read…

  • I added a bar code to a picking sheet form.

    One one computer, and on this computer only, the bar code shows on the preview correctly.

    However, when we export to PDF, the bar code are not displaying.

    The Azalea bar codes fonts were installed using an admin account.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

  • UFL U25idautomation.dll missing

    Ok, new to supporting Sage, so not that familiar with much; was just a user for 12 years.

    The ticket originally came in with this Crystal error when they tried to print a picking sheet. Fumbled through some web searches, and ended up finding the dll on…

  • Picking Ticket and Invoices with mixed line items? Weird!

    Running MAS90 4.4. We've been getting this problem intermittently for some time, but more frequently of late.  Customer information and Line items from sales orders previously entered (normally the sales order immediately before the present) are printed…

  • Update/Print Batch Page Margin Error

    I was recently put in charge of the backend of Sage without training, so pardon the probably easy question. I just had a user get this error when trying to update a receipt batch. Can someone point me in the right direction to fix it?