• Is it just me being haunted by Paperless Error -30 and -40? Happening even on current releases

    For customers who are on v2021 these paperless office type error messages continue to appear. It is most noticeable/problematic for any user where they are not a local administrator on their computer as that requires we pull in IT resources. 

    I suggest…

  • Sales Order Entry --> Customer Maintenance --> Paperless Office Settings Issue. No accept button.

    Using 100c Premium.  Having an issue where if a user accesses customer maintenance from the SO entry screen (either by customer number hyperlink or the 'customer' button in top right), then attempts to modify the customer's paperless office settings…

  • Increase Item Code Length

    Is there any way to increase the number of allowed characters for and Item Code in Inventory Management?

  • What can corrupt the Sage 100 folder

    I have a client that connects to Sage 2020STD remotely using an iPad, also a LapTop, which has a smaller screen resolution.

    It's seems those connections corrupt the Documents\Sage 100 folder.  The next time she logs into Sage, nothing happens afte…

  • Has anyone noticed the "Open with secondary company" not working in 2021 on an External Monitor.

    The right-click menu shows up, but it can't be resized and the "Secondary Company (XXX)" selection cannot be selected because the pop-up window is too small and the arrow won't stop there. Setup: Dell Vostro 7500 laptop with an HP V24i…

  • What CRM User to use during Sage Premium setup?

    During the Sage Premium setup, it asked for a SageCRM user and I have always used the sa user with no issues.  Can I set up a different user and what rights does that new user need to have to work properly? Are there written instructions to do this?

  • Sage 100 Premium 2020 ( locking up


    First post here hopefully I am putting this is the correct location. We are having an issue were Sage is locking up. Then we will receive an error message SY_lockFileInfo.M4T Correcting missing key. Can someone please guide me in the correct location…

  • Sage 100 Application Server Startup

    Within the application server startup, what method or argument can be used to have Sage 100 application server "Start" when it launches. 

  • CheckDate Utility for Vendor Code 9 errors - eliminate tables

    Is it possible to eliminate tables that are checked from this Utility?

    We have a very large third-party table that the utility checks and it takes forever - any ideas?

    Thanks Jacquie.

  • Premium: Data files for XXX have not been converted. You must convert before copying

    Upgrade this week to  v2020.2 (PR 2.21), Premium (with DSD Multi-Currency and APS).

    When trying to refresh test company codes with fresh data we get the error.  I even tried creating a blank company code ZZY, with just CI and GL, and I get the same thing…

  • Phanton Users Sage 100 2019

    Hey All,

     Just received our upgrade from Mas90 4.3 to Sage 100 2019 a couple of weeks ago! Woohoo. One thing I'm trying to sort out is how to eradicate Phantom Users. I'll explain:

    We are having trouble fixing some valuations in Sales Order Entry…

  • eInvoice Email Template Design?

    Does anyone know exactly what site you can modify the eInvoice email template?  I wasn't able to locate it at 


    and was wondering if there is a separate site I should be visiting.  Thanks!

  • VI Job to Update Auto-LogOff for users

    We want to efficiently set all but a few users to have their AutoLogoff set to "Y" and have a 60 minute Inactivity Timer. So I'm trying to run a VI Job to update the SY_User table to update the following fields: AutoLogoff, InactivityTime and UserKey…

  • Restricting system date in January...Sage allows me to use December 2021 date in January 2021


    Even though our settings say to "Restrict Accounting date to current and one future Period," I am able to set our system-wide date to 12/31/21 in January of 2021.  I am able to enter and update invoices in that future date. I do NOT want…

  • Sage Migrations (MAS 200 / Sage 100)

    Fairly new to most of Sage.

    From what I've heard it's not possible to migrate MAS 200 into Sage 100 because of different tax structure setups. 

    We run MAS 200 v4.40 (listed in install as C:\M200cs\V44\MAS90), Sage CRM 200, and Sage 100 2017 v5…

  • Sage 100 - Terminal Server Group Policy-Printers

    I haven't had a chance to try this myself, so thought I would ask.

    Sage normally loads printers during application startup.

    If we have printer resources defined, and those policies deny/allow the printer resources based on user credentials, does Sage…

  • Error pops up on lower right part of the screen when trying to print journals and registers

    The PDF eventually opens.  I reinstalled the Sage 100 PDF Converter, changed the port to a new local port, and granted full rights to "Everyone" on the Security tab.

  • VI Bat File Error

    Attempting to create my first bat file to run a VI job outside of Sage 2018 Advanced, getting a Connection Time Out error. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?

    I followed the steps carefully to create the new app in the Sage Application Server…

  • Is it possible to export the security roles and user settings from any version of Sage but in particular from Sage Premium?

    I need to re-migrate system settings during go live after a long pilot testing period. Multiple changes have been made in the source version since the pilot began. I was wondering if I can export the security roles and user settings from the upgraded…

  • Work Order Closure Script


    Was asked by a user but don't think this is possible. 

    Is there a way to set up a script to automate the Work Order closure process?   The users would like to get a list of open work orders, then select particular WO's and then the closure process…

  • Sage 100 Premium - SQL Server User Permissions

    We're looking into upgrading from Sage 100 Standard to Premium. Currently we do a lot of connecting directly to the database via ODBC for querying; our AP users query the AP tables, our Payroll users query the Payroll tables, etc. I don't want these two…

  • Sage100 Crystal Report designer preview asking for a password

    I'm editing accounts payable checks in crystal reports.  I click on "View" and then "Preview".   It then has a popup that says OLE DB, and then has the following fields:

    Server: OURSERVER\SAGE100V2017
    User ID: Mas_Reports


  • Script to run Rebuild Sort files

    Is there a way to run the "Rebuild Sort Files" utility from a command line or through some sort of BOI script?

  • Security for Payroll module journals and registers

    What's the best way to set up security for payroll journals and registers.

    We have a few people that need access to open the payroll PDFs in paperless office, but everyone else does not need access.

    I thought about creating a separate folder for the…

  • Update Order Class Picklsit under Purchase Order

    Hello, i am now the default the admin for Sage for my company (I am a Salesforce Analyst by Profession), and I am just learning Sage Admin as issues or requests come up. I am not sure if this is the right group to ask, but overall in Sage if I want to…