VI Import of A/P Invoices using AP Expense Distribution Table

Our client has a system in place that kicks out a dept code.  This department code has been directly linked to a G/L account by utilizing the AP Expense Distribution Table (Code 5 on the Distribution Table is equivalent to the G/L account we want to import into the A/P Invoice Data Entry (it's allocated 100% to this account).  Upon creating the import there is no way to link the "Code" to the AP Expense Distribution Table to record the distribution to the line of the A/P invoice.  The account key (from the Distribution Table) is hidden.  Has anyone successfully imported into the AP Invoice Header tables using VI with the AP Expense Distribution Tables?

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  • This sounds like what I am looking for. I am surprised that the table is invoked in the Header portion. Does using this mean I won't have to add the Line Account Key? I also have a line comment I would like to attach to each distribution. How will that appear?

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