VI Job not working via Task Scheduler with Sage 100 ERP client is open on the server

Sage 100 Advanced v5.10.3, running on Win 2008 R2 SP1, as a service.

I have a batch file to trigger a VI Job, and that works, but for some reason it fails whenever I am logged in to the server with the Sage client running (even at the login prompt... or logged in fully to a session).

The scheduled task is set to run using the same windows admin login as I use to connect to the server (remote desktop).  I tried to set the MAS user to spawn tasks from the server, hoping that might clear it up, but nothing changed.  The scheduled task does spawn a pvxwin32 process, but the VI job never starts, and the Task Scheduler just shows the job as "running"...

Basically this means I can't support this customer using the Sage client running on the server without the risk of interrupting an automated process I just set up.

Batch file commands:

Service set up (according to the instructions in the Knowledge Base).

Has anyone else had problems with scheduled VI jobs failing when the Sage workstation is logged in (on the server)? 

Will using a different windows login for the scheduled task vs. my remote windows RDC make any difference?

Thanks in advance for any insights into this problem.

  • I had the same issue and ended up using a different task scheduler called System Schedule Professional from Splinterware. I had nothing but trouble using the internal task scheduler with permissions and credentials being the main culprit. I had the same issue with the job "Running" and never completing. This app resolved the issue.

  • Has anyone else seen this type of problem?  (Batch file VI Jobs failing when the Sage workstation is open on the server).

    I've tested with a different user login (automated VI jobs using WindowsLogin1, RDC using WindowsLogin2), and still have the problem.


    I would prefer to not use a third party scheduler, but it is good to know that is an option.  Thanks for the feedback jtrainer.

  • Hey Kevin, 
    Did you ever figure this out? I have a client who is telling me that the batch file fires off the VI job but it won't run through Task Scheduler. This is on a Windows Server (probably 2016) and a Sage 100c Premium 2018 system.

  • I can't remember the exact fix for this, but it might be copying activate.pvx from the server to workstation path.  If it works manually, but not through Task Scheduler when a different session is active on the server, that is likely it.

    If you use integrated authentication, make sure the Windows account used has Sage permissions.

    Also make sure your service is set up properly.