Users cannot log into MAS 90/200 (Sage 100 ERP), VIPRE Antivirus

Hi all.


We have received a good number of support calls this morning (May 25, 2012), all with these two things in common:


1. One or more users cannot log into Sage 100 ERP (Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200). As soon as they enter the login and password, nothing happens or they may get a message that "Launch32.exe" is missing.

2. They are all using VIPRE Antivirus Software. Apparently VIPRE is considering Launch32.exe to be a Trojan. This is a False Positive.


Depending on the policy in effect, VIPRE either blocks the program from running, so some workstations (especially those that have rebooted recently) have the problem while others may not until they reboot; or it will quarantine the file, removing it completely.


Status Update!

Sunbelt Security (maker of VIPRE) is aware of this False Positive. They intend to have a definition update released this afternoon.


Possible Workaround

You likely will have to access Task Manager (Start / Run / Taskmgr, then go to the Processes tab) to perform an End Process on the Pvxwin32.exe task on the workstation, as it continues to run though the user can't get into Sage 100 ERP.


Go into the VIPRE console and select Policy Properties. For each policy, whether for server or workstation, go to Exceptions, select Exclusions, then Add a folder: "..\MAS90" folder, and Add a file: "Launch32.exe" to be excluded. (Note: This also means if the file really becomes infected, VIPRE would not know.)


If Launch32.exe Is Missing (Quarantined)

If the "Launch32.exe" file IS removed, try to take it back out of quarantine. Or, restore a copy of "Launch32.exe" from backup, if possible. (Note: The VIPRE software CAN quarantine the file when you are in the process of moving or restoring, so you may need to temporarily disable the software while you get that done.)


Paul Chen

Customer Support Specialist


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