Sage 2021 PU2, PR 2.21.3 Upgrade - Have to re-add Payroll Custom Reports with PII Wrk table from 2018/2019?

Howdy - I have had 3 separate upgrades where the client is upgrading from 2018/2019 with fairly recent Payroll updates (2.21.1 and greater) to Sage 2021 PU2 with PR 2.21.3, and after data conversion, if they have any Payroll custom reports from the previous version, we get weird errors about unknown fields or, if the report has a subreport, prompts for the parameters used in the subreport for links to the main report.  These reports were already rewritten in Payroll 2.0 from the previous version.   

The easy resolution is to simply delete the reports from the menu in Report Manager, and re-add them - absolutely no other changes to the reports in Crystal at all.  

I know the process to add a report that uses the PII work tables is a little different now than it was in 2018/2019, so that may be the difference, but it is a pain if the client has 15-20 reports that need to be re-added.   Data does exist in the PR_EmployeePIIWrk table, but it seems as though the converted report on the menu is not capable of using it initially?   We have ran the MASCRCW crystal conversion wizard for these reports, and still no help.   

The fix is easy, but wanted to see if we are missing something in our processes, and if anyone else is experiencing this?


  • Oh, yes, we're just starting to get 2018 folks with custom reports upgrading to 2021, and have run into that exact same irritating thing!

  • I have seen this problem before, too.

  • I experienced this problem with a number of clients upgrading from 2018-2020. It took a lot of time and cost to the customer.  It was not even as a published issue back then.  It took another crystal consultant to help me resolve the issues with each report and there were many for each customer. It was not as simple as deleting and re-adding the reports. It required changes to parameters form umbers (old ) to string (new) or none of the parameters would work. Most of them picking a range of dates (formerly numeric).

    This was a huge impact to a number of upgrades. 

  • I thought the numeric parameter problem happened in upgrades to v2018 (with the new CR runtime version).  KB 89925.

  • I don't think the issue is the numeric parameter (it's not in my client cases).  It's just that the payroll reports from 2018 won't work after an upgrade to 2021 and you have to delete them and add them back in.  NO OTHER CHANGES.