"[ProvideX][ODBC Driver] Internal Error"

This is happening with a single table MS Query in Excel 64-Bit when accessing large individual I/M and P/R files and continues after rebuilding them (Ex. IM_ItemTransactionHistory) . I reviewed the other thread on this error, but nothing applies other than the exact message and Sage 100 level 2019 (version 5 in this case). It does not happen in 32-Bit Excel and I have properly installed and re-installed the 32/64 Bit ODBC driver. I also get a similar error when using 64-Bit Power query. I'm thinking this has to be something installation dependent, but they have no 3rd party add-ons and is a straight distribution setup.

  • Does the error occur on other tables using the x64 driver?


    Select the SOTMAS90 driver from the User DSN Tab

    Go to the DEBUG tab and test your connection.

    If the connection is successful, go to the Options Tab and select Null Date, click apply and rerun your query.

    If the query is successful, their are bad dates in the file.

    John Nichols


  • Thanks John! I've requested access to the customer's workstation to try this! I will report back.

  • The connection tested successful and I checked to "on" the NULL Date setting on the options tab and retested the connection as successful, but it failed with the same error when I refreshed the data. I also made the same change (i.e. EnforceNULLDate=1; ) in the properties of the query's connection. EnforceNULLDate was not specified, so I added it, saved the change, closed Excel and re-opened/tested but it failed again with the same error. I have also tried with and without enabling the C/S ODBC Driver. I also tried running the CheckDate utility, but it reported nothing. It's really a shame to have the client re-install the 32-Bit version of Office 365.

  • Perhaps try removing columns from your query, one by one, to narrow down the issue?

  • Good idea. I'll try, but the oddest thing is that the same query (there are several queries that fail - using multiple workstations and multiple user ids - all against large history tables) that fails will occasionally work. It has yet to fail with 32-Bit Excel.