Sage 100c Premium (SQL) Disaster Reocvery

I'm confused about the relationship between Sage data files and the SQL database. If a server dies, or gets ransomed, my first step will obviously be to reload the application server from backup, then the SQL backups. There is potential for different backup times between the two Sage file system backups and the SQL backups. How is this differing data reconciled? And, if I can just load a SQL backup, then how come I need to use the migration tool when migrating servers? 

I read through : and :

But I'm still not clear on the procedure and how everything fits together.

  • Those are some serious questions.  Have you asked your Sage Partner yet?

    The MAS90 folder contains files related to the system, beyond the data (like the data dictionary, SQL server location and credentials...) and some legacy settings like ALE lookup files.

    The migration tool handles all the additional settings within those MAS90 system files which would be practically impossible to do manually.

  • I have not. I have some issues with our reseller due to a non-sage related event. 

    So basically, do the sage file system restore, then sql restore. Start Sage and all of the data from the last SQL backup will be present? Or do I need to reinitialize the datafiles in Sage? 

  • Make sure your system backup is recent enough to contain any system changes.  If you added / edited a UDF after the system backup, the database could be misaligned with the databases.  Same with installing product updates / enhancements... you need the system files to align with the SQL databases (which include all databases starting with MAS_... always copy MAS_System along with your MAS_### company databases).

    But this is just general advice.  You should really talk with someone familiar with the specifics of your system to get a more detailed analysis of your B&R strategy.

  • File system backups are taken every hour, sql backups every 30 minutes or 1hr. Very little going on in the way of changes to enhancements, UDF's, etc. But basically, if any of that happens, I'll need to restore to an older SQL backup. 

    No reinizialtion should be necessary in Sage? 

  • What do you mean by reinitialize?