Sage 100 4.30 Std upgrade to 2021 Advanced

Hello, I have an upgrade from Sage 100 Standard v4.30 to Sage 100 Advanced v2021. I have to upgrade 4.30 to 4.50.08 first and then I can upgrade to v2021. Since it's 4.50 standard and not advanced I'm thinking I can put the 4.50 install on the same server as the v2021 advanced install? It's windows server 2019. Thanks!

  • It might save you some time and headaches to go to 2019 from 4.50.08 and then do the 2021 upgrade.

    If you can find a 2017 version,  that is the best middle of the road migration path. If not, 2019 is your next best choice.

  • Here are my notes as I'm working on a slightly older migration ( 3.6 ) to 2021.

    Updates and corrections welcome.

    Note that in my case I did not have PAYROLL or any 3rd party integrations which needed to be considered:

  • Thanks Wayne for posting the details. My post was just a heads-up that this is a multi-version migration and going direct to 2021 doesn't work. (at least for me)

    The only issue I had to work around is Sage 100 insisting on setup of its 'CC vault' before moving forward.

  • Thank you all for this great info. I decided to go to v2017 first and then v2021. I will post anything unusual I run into to help others who might have this type of upgrade as well. Much appreciated!