SY_Message corrupted during upgrades to v2021.1

I see this on two new upgrades to v2021.1 Standard (both on SPC, but that may just be a co-incidence).

Edit a Role and I get this prompt when saving: (SY_RoleApply.Y2)

But this is what I "should" see:

Similarly, with the Document Date warning feature enabled, the user sees this: (SY_DocDateWarn-B.Y2)

When they should see something like this:

Poking around (comparing files with a pre-upgrade folder copy) I can clearly see records missing from the post-migration system.


  • Is it safe to copy this file from backup into the Live system?
  • Are there any other files I need to consider as part of this fix?
  • Do I have to be concerned with Enhancements potentially writing custom messages to this table?
  • Can this be documented / fixed?

(Let me know if I need to create a case... at this point I am surprised there is not already a KB article).

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