SY_Message corrupted during upgrades to v2021.1

I see this on two new upgrades to v2021.1 Standard (both on SPC, but that may just be a co-incidence).

Edit a Role and I get this prompt when saving: (SY_RoleApply.Y2)

But this is what I "should" see:

Similarly, with the Document Date warning feature enabled, the user sees this: (SY_DocDateWarn-B.Y2)

When they should see something like this:

Poking around (comparing files with a pre-upgrade folder copy) I can clearly see records missing from the post-migration system.


  • Is it safe to copy this file from backup into the Live system?
  • Are there any other files I need to consider as part of this fix?
  • Do I have to be concerned with Enhancements potentially writing custom messages to this table?
  • Can this be documented / fixed?

(Let me know if I need to create a case... at this point I am surprised there is not already a KB article).

  • Do you have 3rd party mods installed in both installs you mentioned? 

    Both those screens have more records that my 2021.1 ADV out of the box install (2360 records) so mods may already be writing to that table/file.

    Just to clarify you are reporting the 4 SY_docDateInfo records are in SY_message pre-migration but then after system files merge from migration they are missing in the remaining sy_message.m4t file in \MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM\? 

    By copy from backup, you mean from the 2021 pre-migration saved backup?

  • Both of those installs have no enhancements, but we have other customers who do, and I believe I have seen that Role error before (and didn't dig deeper).

    The right side image (MAS90_Original) is the Sage Partner Cloud pre-installed version of Sage 100 v2021.1, not something I installed, and I think it's safe to assume Sage wouldn't release an image with mods.  (The extra table entries compared to your system are probably for PR being preinstalled on the SPC image).

    Correct, the pre-migration system has the entries but the post-migration file does not, clearly indicating to me that the migration copied the old file instead of merging it with the new.

    Yes, I want to know if I copy the original image's file to the Live folder, will I break anything?  Will something else be required?  (Eg. Is SY_MessageLink or any other file potentially missing system data too?).  Does the fix strategy change if Enhancements are involved?

  • - I missed this earlier.  Yes please create a case for this (if you haven't already).  The message library itself (SY_Message.M4T) could be swapped out from the old system, but may be missing any NEW messages that may have been created.  Depending on the enhancement, a developer modificaiton may also include messages as well.  Sounds like this table did not get merged properly as part of the installation.  

    Also, let me know when you have a case# and I'll chase it down from my side.


  • Thanks Elliott.  Case created for one of the affected customers.  I just linked it to this thread instead of explaining things again in the case notes.


  •   - This looks like it's isolated to SPC installations.  Do your affected customers have any developer mods?  If not, I'll look at getting you a new message library table and reach out to you.