Sage 100 2021.1 slow module opening

The slow performance within a module that I complained about last month seems to be cured by rebuilding the search index, but performance when opening a screen (eg. item inquiry) is quite a bit slower than 2018. (old thread:

Sage 100 2021.1  (service pack 1) Premium: Server 2019 Hyper V host, running a Server 2019 VM with 24GB of RAM allocated and 8 cores. Server was configured new just for this installation. 

SQL Server 2017: Server 2019 Hyper V host, running a Server 2019 VM with 12GB of RAM allocated. 

Both VM's are on the same metal and are run through the same virtual and physical NICs. 

Module opening times are slow even when opening the module on the application server. I disabled windows defender anti virus on the application server, wait times did not change when running the desktop client on the server (nor did they change on my workstation). Opening item inquiry takes 10 seconds as timed by my stop watch. On sage 2018 it opened nearly instantly. 

Sage service is running as an application, not a service. There are no active users logged in yet. The SQL server host is not engaged in anything and is idling along.