• Copy forms to another Company


    What is the process of copy forms such as S/O's, P/O's, pick sheets...etc from one company to another..


  • Adding a group makes the report take forever to generate

    I made a report using AR_Customer/AR_InvoiceHistory/AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader to find out the sales from a certain vendor and a UDF commission sales rep. It takes 30min to generate a months of data. If the report has already been generated I can add a Group…

  • Can we use VI to place/drop a standard PO that pulls balance from a master PO?


    We have a lot of master PO's that suppliers ship partials in multiple shipments. Hence we assign a letter to a standard PO for each shipments using the same master PO #. The standard PO draws balance from the master PO (Master/Repeat PO). We are wondering…

  • Do you want to print prompts

    We print our daily sales reports/updates with Paperless Office. Is there any way to get rid of those prompts before each report?

    • Do you want to print Gross Profit Journal?
    • Do you want to print Daily Recap Reports?
    • Do you want to update SO Journal?

  • Can you add a url to products so the crystal reports will export hyperlinks to our website?

    We'd like our quotes to display the product codes hyperlinked to their associated webpage on our website.

    Is there a way to do this with sage 100 and crystal reports? Seems like a very basic thing that should be doable. 

  • Getting total pieces ordered on a SO to print on the SO

    is there a way to get a sum total of all the pieces ordered to calculate and print on the SO, Packing list or bill of lading.

    I am looking for the grand total of all the items.  Having a grand total of the items shipped would also be helpful.


  • Sales Order Form OnLastRecord Issue

    Have a sales order crystal form using operations management and I'm hiding chargeable components on the form so it only prints the parent item. Due to the hiddent items, Crystal always thinks that there's more records to print so that "onlastrecord" in…

  • Data File Structures class? Crystal Reports classes? Where did they go?

    When I started with Sage, I took several classes online - Data File Structures, Crystal Reports, etc.  I can't find any resellers that offer these programs anymore and Sage seems to only offer X3 classes.  Yes, I see the YouTube offerings but I am looking…

  • GL_Bank PII

    Using 2019 PU5 - I need to create a Positive Pay custom report due to the bank requesting a format not compatible with the standard Sage 100 PP functionality.  I'll need access to the bank account number within the GL_Bank table.  Despite having the…

  • insert logo on form quality

    Looking for advice on how to insert a logo into a crystal form without it being so blurry. If I look at the logo in word it's perfect and then I copy it over to crystal the quality diminishes. I have the logo in jpg or png format. I tried scaling the…

  • Crystal Report File System Data missing

    I was wondering if Crystal report could access a file directory so I did some research and found that File System Data data connection would do that. Awesome until I looked for it on my 2016 Crystal Reports and didn't see it. Did they drop that feature…

  • Email Sales Order Once Condition is Meet

    When we ship a sales order we have a program running a script to write the tracking number on a new line at the end of the sales order.  It creates a "/C" item code then writes the tracking number in the comment field.  We have one customer that…

  • Button to run a crystal report in SO

    Is it possible to make a button in Sale Order Entry that will run a Crystal Report for the current Sales Order after all the items have been ordered and before the Sales Order has been Accepted? I have a report that checks for restricted items and I'm…

  • Print File Layouts

    Back in the day we used to be able to print the file layouts.  I cannot figure out how to do that now.  What am I missing???



  • Formatting a Box around "Group" in Report

    Trying to figure out how can I get an outline "box" around a group in a report.  The line item contains comment text, descriptions, and some information from a third party add on for certain items.  I would like to "box" in all that information…

  • How can I add 'applies to invoice #' in Crystal Reports for customer credits?

    We had our system put in about a month ago(Sage 100 2021). When I go to make a customer credit in the Sales Order module, I can apply it to a specific invoice. But once I go to send the customer the credit, nowhere on the form is there a 'applies to invoice…

  • Custom Crystal Reports not working with update

    We recently update from Sage 100 for 2019 to 2021, and our our custom Crystal Reports are no longer appearing property, practically useless now. What are the steps to make them compatible with our version of Sage 100? 

  • Changing Early-Pay Discount Description

    Is is possible to change the description of the Early pay discount? This would be the description that prints on customer statements and located within the customer's "Invoices" tab. It shows under "Payment Ref" within the details section…

  • Report Setting not defaulting to custom report for some users

    I've recently created some custom versions of reports (AR Aged Invoice Report, for example) and set them as default for all users, but for some users it still defaults to the STANDARD report every time. It is set to the default report via the checkbox…

  • Custom Report removed in Report Manager still showing up as optional Report Setting

    I've been tweaking our AR Aged Invoice Report in Crystal Reports and have ended up with a few versions that I now need to delete. They are showing up as options in the Report Setting List. I've deleted them in the Reports Manager, but that had no affect…

  • Add a job cost related field to AR report in Crystal Reports

    I am trying to add the "JobDesc" field to our AR Aged Invoice Report so that we can see what job name corresponds with the invoice on the report. I'm a beginner in Crystal Reports, but here is what I've tried:

    In Crystal Reports designer…

  • Custom Form Code - AR Aging - Exclude Customers with a value in a UDF

    I have a client that has a UDF in customer maintenance for customers that have a portal. They want the AR Aging to include either the customers with a value in the UDF or the customers where the UDF is blank. 

    I linked the AR_Customer table to the aging…

  • Crystal Reports Re-Sort

    Howdy All,

    We are using the Manufacturing Module within Sage 100 Advanced Manufacturing, and I am trying to figure out how to remedy a problem with Work Tickets. Here's what's happening:

    We are in the chemical industry, and when I create a Work…

  • Include BOM for each item code in Crystal Report


    I'm modifying the Accounts Receivable Invoice History Report to include Bill of Materials, grouped by Item Code. So far, I've joined the BM_ProductionHistoryDetail, BM_ProductionHistoryHeader and BM_ProductionHistoryTierDist to the report and…

  • Terms and Conditions are two pages - Print on invoice

    My customer has a two page terms and conditions that needs to print with each invoice. I know how to add a one page terms to a page header and turn on suppression so that it prints after the   invoice. I can't seem to get the two pages to work. I have split…